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The claim for real biodegradable plastic


Companies, reacting to the column on the not-so-biodegradable plastic (Oct. 9), have written claiming they have the “real thing”—plastic that truly disintegrates and will not be an environmental problem.

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Don’t be quick to believe ‘informative’ e-mail


A friend forwarded an e-mail that claimed bar codes would tell consumers where a product was manufactured. The e-mail was supposed to help people find out the origin of products, particularly food, that they buy to help them decide if they would feel safe consuming those items.

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How to keep the poinsettia beyond Christmas


If, like me, you consider poinsettia part of the decoration for Christmas, here are some things you may find helpful if you want the plant to survive beyond the holiday season.

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But will it be easier to use?


The Directories Philippines Corp. (DPC), publisher of the Yellow Pages, has announced it has “revolutionized” the phone directory for the new generation of consumers.

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Is cyberspace a safe place for banking?


Last week, I wrote about smartphone banking. But before people became concerned about smartphone banking, there were worries, of course, about the security of online banking. Is it safe to exchange sensitive information with your bank on cyberspace? Aneth Ng-Lim, Citibank Philippines country corporate affairs officer, wants to assure everyone that online banking is safe […]

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