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How to get the right eyebrows for your face shape

THICK eyebrows
make the face look

Eyebrows add symmetry and frame your eyes and features. Don’t be afraid to work your eyebrows; they add symmetry to your face and help frame your eyes and features. Once you get the hang of doing eyebrows, you’ll love how much difference a great pair of brows can give your overall look.

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How to avoid ‘buhaghag’ hair

WORLD-RENOWNEDprima ballerina
Diana Vishneva of theMariinsky Theatre is
the face of theDiscipline Range of Kerastase.
This Russian beauty is the perfect rolemodel
for disciplined beauty inmotion.

Women are obsessed with beautiful hair, and why not? At the end of the day, a good head of hair can make all the difference.

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From makeup to making fashion

PATRICIA Santos, fashion

Patricia Santos is a fashion designer recognized for her passion for detail and exquisite craftsmanship. Her discipline and impressive work ethic have made her a favorite of many clients.

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Handy makeup tricks for girls on the go

LUMINOUS Skin coupled with dramatic eye makeup PHOTO TAKEN FROM PINTEREST

All women are on a quest to look good. Women rely greatly on beauty products and cosmetics, but can be intimidated about how to apply make up correctly.

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How to age gracefully through diet and lifestyle changes

JUICING is a trend that started a few years back, with a promise of good health and well-being.

There are women who wish to look 20 when they reach 50. But there’s nothing more refreshing than somebody who’s secure enough to embrace her true age and the wisdom that comes with it.

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