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‘Buko’ soup, Asian spring rolls, special ‘buchi’–discovering new dishes at a favorite restaurant

GLORIA Maris Cha Misua

There are restaurants that have a part of your life, where you’ve celebrated a special event, a milestone, be it yours or of someone dear to you. Gloria Maris is one such restaurant for me.

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Tonkatsu resto offers Iberico, heritage Berkshire and other fine pork varieties

KATSU Sora’s Iberico, Kurobuta, Shimofuri and Sakura pork varieties

Pork, breaded and fried, is a treat for both young and old. Which is perhaps why tonkatsu and katsu houses have sprouted all over the metro.

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‘Pancit canton-sotanghon’; fresh Norwegian salmon; healthy saffron sausage

Pancit Canton-Sotanghon

Although one of the most common items to find on a menu, when done well, this simple dish turns out to be the ultimate indulgence.

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Toblerone cupcake, ‘dulce de leche’ cupcake and other irresistibles

ROSHAN Salted Caramel Cake

I have known Jenny Silayan for years. Our sons are not just schoolmates, but football buddies as well. But it wasn’t until another friend, Jecelle Tycangco, started to rave about her cupcakes, did I realize that she baked.

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Heard of vegetable coffee? Women work for better world through healthy food

KANCHAN Sadhwanimaking chapati

Indian Kanchan Drupati came to the Philippines from Central Africa  in 1979 after marrying Gobind Sadhwani.   The new bride found herself in a foreign country with Gobind’s family. She had few kitchen skills, including making chapati. Necessity pushed her to widen her culinary repertoire.   Today, chapati and vegetarian dishes, done the Indian, Mediterranean [...]

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