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Motherhood–how does one do it?


Time spent at my daughter’s home in Florida has stirred memories when I was a working housewife in the United States and she was just a baby. As I watch her play her many roles and wear different hats, I am in awe of her stamina and dedication. I tell her: “You are like a juggler, keeping all the balls up in the air and not dropping a single one. How do you do it?”

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Beside them, but not in their way


I arrived here on a Sunday and traffic was light, even at the airport. We had blue skies with patchy clouds, much like I loved seeing in Hawaii. Ah, but my Hawaii is fairer by far.

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Death–what, me worry?


An e-mail from a friend in Manila made me pause and deliberate on a matter that to her was urgent and of grave importance. I imagine that the recent spate of writings about depression got her started on a fresh and new worry, a never-before-seen wrinkle if you will, in the otherwise peaceful and smooth run of events in her life as a senior.

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The night I got a kiss from Robin Williams

Conchita C. Razon

He laughed and said: ‘We scared you, didn’t we?’ Before I could answer, he planted a kiss on my forehead and resumed his hop, skip and dance away from me. I yelled, ‘Bye, Mork!’

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Burgers, fries and the–sometimes perilous—American Dream


It was balmy and pleasant when we drove to midtown Atlanta Sunday to eat what is reputedly the best hamburger in America.

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