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Sexy body sans diet and exercise? Don’t be fooled


Don’t be fooled by food products promising a sexier you without diet and exercise.

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Tough love by nagging


“It’s been only a few months, which does not forever make,” I shoot back in a voice whose quiver, I’m afraid, betrays a bull’s-eye nerve hit. He’s insensitively accurate on purpose. His tennis opponents can attest to it: he gives you the balls you hate, and takes no prisoners.

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Delivering on their Promise

Photo by Margaux Salcedo

With summer just around the corner and after the excesses of Christmas and Valentine’s, it is time for Lenten penance. Time to start counting calories to resurrect our bikini-worthy bodies or, in most cases like this columnist’s, get rid of that built-in salbabida (floater) in our middle!

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Which Diet Provider Will Work for You?

Fitness Gourmet fitnessgourmetph@yahoo.com; 0917-3613474 Calories: 1,200 No. of Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner; 1 afternoon snack Meal Plans: 5 days/week Price: P1,800/5 days + P50 to P80 daily delivery charge (depending on area) Payment Options: bank deposit or cash on delivery Extras: Vegan menu options (P3,000 for 5 days); veganbyfgph@yahoo.com.ph Website/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FitnessGourmetPh     Yummy Diet [...]

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Turning up the heat on love handles

PETRA Kopecka (in blue) describes how Vanquish works to Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo and guests.

The last five to 10 pounds are always the hardest to lose. You can spend hours doing crunches and planks and alligator drags, but your midsection fat simply won’t go away.

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