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Seeing the doctor, overseas: medical tourism booms in Asia


The lines snaking into Bangladesh’s overwhelmed hospitals are often so long, says Nusrat Hussein Kiwan, that they extend into the street outside – too many patients seeking too few quality doctors.

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CA: Health supplements must be labeled as such


The Court of Appeals (CA) has upheld the Department of Health’s (DOH) order requiring all herbal companies to change the warning labels on their food and dietary supplements to make consumers more aware that the products have “no approved therapeutic claim” and are not medicine.

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Biscuit brand now in PH


McVitie’s Digestives, made of whole wheat, are a rich source of fiber, have no artificial colors or flavors, and free from hydrogenated vegetable oil which makes it a guilt-free snack, especially for the health conscious.

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Learn something new about wellness today


As in the most ideal of diets, small, measured but frequent portions are recommended to keep your body energy up but your weight under control.

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Homeless bodybuilder works out in streets of Paris to stay fit


MANILA, Philippines—Now, you do not have an excuse to hit the gym. A 50-year-old homeless man keeps his bodybuilder physique by working out in his home, which is a cold street in the French capital Paris. In a video directed by Julien Goudichaud, which has since gone viral on YouTube, Jacques Sayagh did not let […]

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