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An essential rainy day supplement: Conzace


Our susceptibility to illnesses doubles during the rainy days as this season entails not only flooding, but also health hazards such as air, contaminated water, and rodent-borne diseases as well viral infections.

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Middle class dumps junk food for healthier snacks


Cynthia is a Makati-based bank employee who, every now and then, craves potato chips in between meals.

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Fatty liver now an epidemic


Except for the time Boy Abunda was diagnosed with liver abscess that required him to undergo surgery and to take weeks off from his hosting duties on “The Buzz” and “Aquino and Abunda Tonight,” little attention has been given to this hardworking yet often neglected organ.

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Move your body!


The two vital components of who you are go hand-in-hand. Like a super team within and without, the physical and nonphysical aspects of being human make up the dynamic duo summed up in one word—you.

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Take it from WHO: Less salt, more life

salt consumption

If you want to live longer and have a healthier heart, cut back on your salt intake. This means ditching your favorite fast-food meal, checking salt levels on food labels, and removing salt dispensers and bottled sauces from your dining table.

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