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Bad mood is bad for cooking

CARLA Brigliadori, left, and Margarita Forés, right,
make pasta the old-fashioned way—by hand.

Without the modern-day mixers and machines, Italian master chef-educator Carla Brigliadori works, on her feet for hours,making fresh pasta. She never wipes the smile off her face—as if the joy of cooking and the grace of her spirit are infused into the dough.

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Bangus Restaurant Pata Tim and Chicken Tim

PATA Tim (left) and
Chicken Tim (right),
pork and chicken
with same good taste

Chrismastime always brings families and friends together to celebrate and feast. During this season, everybody indulges in spreads of good food.

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Showcasing Filipino cuisine in Shanghai

WALDORF Astoria Hotel Grand
Brasserie at The Bund

“Pagkain” is the title of the food photography exhibit that was recently launched at the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel in China. It features the food images of Neal Oshima, accompanied by text I had written, both taken from the book “Kulinarya: A Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine.”

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Fruit salad memories and recipes


I asked friends for their fondest fruit salad memories and recipes. Their replies were interesting:

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Filipinos will feel right at home in this prestigious home store

MICHELLE Hummel of Pottery Barn, former
Ambassador Bienvenido Tantoco Sr. of
Rustan’s, and Kerri Ackermann ofWest Elm

When Ronald R. Young says Pottery Barn is a good fit for the Philippines because its mother company, Williams-Sonoma Inc., holds the same values as Filipinos, the executive isn’t just mouthing things one expects to hear from the firm’s senior vice president for global strategy. He speaks from personal experience.

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