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DOST drafts simple guide to eating healthy


Fight obesity by eating healthy. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has crafted a simple, almost elementary, guide for adults to eating right as it sounded an alarm about the ever growing number of obese Filipinos.

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Healthy, set, go!


Last June 1, the country celebrated Alaska World Milk Day for the second time. Spearheaded by the Philippines’ leading milk company Alaska Milk Corporation, the celebration fulfilled its promise to be bigger and better than the fete last year, which gathered more than 3,000 participants in its fun run and raised the same number of milk products for the feeding program of Children’s Hour and its partner organizations.

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Forget starvation diets–you should eat more to burn fat

SOMOMA’S steak flank with miso and asparagus NELSON MATAWARAN

The chocolate chip cookie was a chewy, whole wheat, six-inch affair. Its generous size offered moisture, mild natural sweetness and the unmatched flavor of melted chocolate chips that overpowered the apple sauce.

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Wear your nutrients–and don’t forget that umbrella


There are things one should know about lifelong wellness strategies and health challenges. Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

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9 tips to shrink your daddy belly

THE AUTHOR, before and after

Close to 50 years old, I found myself overweight and with hypertension. Happily, I have been able to lose some extra inches and get my blood pressure back to normal. It is possible to restore one’s health if one has a plan and sticks to it.

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