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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Tippy (31) and Anthony Go (32), the husband-and-wife team behind Tipsy (@googlygooeys) and Ponggo (@ponggo_googlygooeys) of the Googly Gooeys. Tippy is a business development manager by day, and a cartoonist and graphic designer by night. Anthony is a businessman and photographer.


Instagram user since:

Tipsy: 86 weeks ago

Ponggo: March 2013


Why they took the plunge:

Tipsy: It looked like a fun & speedy way of playing with a lomo camera, so I signed up!


Ponggo: Tipsy forced me to. Haha!


Gadgets of choice:


Tipsy: iPhone 4 and Canon 7D


Ponggo: iPhone 4 and Canon 5D


What you’ll see on their feed:

Tipsy: A mix of comics, current commissions, travel photos and some let’s-pretend-I’m-a-prop-stylist personal projects.

Ponggo: A mix of our travels, food and whatever’s interesting.


Favorite Instagram subjects:


Tipsy: Stuff that I can play with and shoot—mostly colorful paper and stuff I can find around the house.


Ponggo: Outdoor scenery.


Favorite filter:

Tipsy: 1977 and Valencia were my go-to filters. When I finally got tired of it, I had an over-saturated Hefe phase.


Ponggo: No filter! I love the natural feel of things. I barely use one unless absolutely necessary, e.g. a badly-lit photo.


Favorite Instagram-related apps:

Tipsy: Luminance and iContrast. I’m grateful for PicStitch because I used to do the collages manually!


Ponggo: Snapseed to enhance photos.

Instagram video—yes or no?

Tipsy: I have only uploaded one video so far and I like the idea of it. I wish there was some sort of remote trigger to reduce the shaking. I’m not gifted with steady hands.


Ponggo: Yes! It makes it a bit more fun and challenging.


Instagram pet peeves?

Tipsy: Adulterated hashtags. Check out #food and #architecture where there are more photos of people than dishes and buildings—a true testament that this is, indeed, the selfie generation!


Ponggo: People who simply flip images to create a new entry or those who photograph the same thing x number of times and moving only a few steps to change the perspective. Also people who post pictures that they edited but the photos were from someone else!


Their five favorite Instagram users:


1. @oraclefoxblog – Healthy food and edgy fashion.

2. @amerrymishap – What life would look like in black and white—literally!

3. @luisabrimble – Hearty lunches and what looks like backyard finds. I wish I lived in her photos!

4. @garypeppergirl – I can’t seem to get enough of Nicole’s recent trips to Provence and Cinqueterre!

5. @teaandkate – Soft pastel colors + a generous amount of daylight!


1. @googlygooeys – I’ll get killed if I don’t put it here. Haha!

2. @cerebroxmini – Interesting cartoon art

3. @tpagon – Combination of 2D and 3D elements in one photo. Fun stuff!

4. @laurenpbath – Good landscape photographer

5. @wonderful_places – Great photos!


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