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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Oh Glee, how we missed thee!

With the show’s summer hiatus, fans were in for a treat with the big screen showing of “Glee Live! in 3D.” The added dimension was slightly unnecessary, but it added that pop for New Direction’s 2011 tour. The movie featured the casts’ final North American concert in New Jersey, USA.

Rather than just showcasing the singing, the show was peppered with cast interviews. The Mckinley kids were at their best comical timing, in true character, from Puckerman’s (Mike Salig) bragging rights about his chick magnetism to Britanny’s (Heather Morris) claim on being the best singer of the bunch.

Rachel’s (Lea Michele) abundant airtime did not overwhelm. In fairness to everyone, each character was given an opportunity to shine on stage. The Warblers were on hand to render their best. Even Ms. Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) showed up with “Forget You.” The numbers were designed for sing-alongs. Most of the moviegoers, including myself, cheered after every number.

During interludes, it featured real-life stories of high school underdogs and self-proclaimed Gleeks. Highlights from their experiences celebrated the show’s message. Stories ranged from a little person who braved her way through cheerleading and Prom to a gay student who was outed by his crush and a girl suffering from Asperger’s. Despite their heartbreaks, they found inspiration in the show. It showed them resilience despite their difference. It made them braver to face their world, and it encouraged them to embrace themselves. They are the real “heroes” of the show.

The main event for me, though, was a spotlight on the mini Warbler, Kellen. He happens to be Filipino, not that it’s surprising. He was just adorable—better watch out, Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss). If you haven’t  seen this kid wonder,  look him up on YouTube ( He already got two million views!

The critics’ underwhelming consensus didn’t dampen my love for “Glee.” I went in with low expectations and came out in glee. As an avid fan, I surely had my fix. I’m already anticipating the show’s return.

And a tip for all the Gleeks out there—pair your popcorn with a Slushie for the ultimate 3D experience. Dream bigger and “Don’t Stop Believin’!”

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