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Supporting your health as you age

Stress, pollution and exposure to harmful chemicals are some of the plenty factors that may be hazardous to our health. Admit it, these days, it is as if, stepping outside our home makes us vulnerable to sickness.


We work ourselves up to the last bit of our strength. This motivation fuels us but we sometimes fail to recognize that pushing ourselves beyond our limits leads us to some serious cases when we reach a certain age.


The adage “health is wealth” rings true, especially for adults, but as the years add up, the body’s vulnerability to risks and dangers increases. The emergence of new diseases and environmental threats, as well as the probability of accidents, add to the health challenges that Filipinos, especially those approaching retirement age, encounter.


Undoubtedly, quality of life is affected in varying degrees when physical well-being is compromised. Medical emergencies become even more burdensome when financial capability—or lack thereof—is taken into consideration. Financial solutions such as life insurance with hospitalization benefits or services provided by health maintenance organizations are available, but generally cater to lower age groups and priced according to one’s current state of health and predispositions.


This is precisely why products like the Health Support Hospital Income Plan were introduced to the market. Developed by the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (Philippine Prudential), Health Support helps those aged 50 to 74 with this essential healthcare protection at very affordable monthly premium rates. When hospital confinement due to illness or injury occurs, Health Support helps pay a fixed amount for medical costs, with the coverage period reaching up to age 80.


Depending on the monthly premium plan availed, Health Support policyholders can receive up to P 2,500.00 in Daily Hospital Income Benefit for each day of hospital confinement. That’s a maximum of P 912,500.00 for every sickness each time the policyholder is suddenly hospitalized. The daily benefit is doubled when the policyholder is admitted into the intensive care unit.


Even surgical procedures related to the illness or injury are covered, with the highest claimable amount totaling to P 50,000.00.


But perhaps the strongest appeal of the Health Support and other similar products is its “guaranteed acceptance” feature.  This means that those interested are no longer required to undergo medical screening and cannot be turned down for as long as they belong to the age bracket being serviced by the product.


Having such financial fall-back can provide substantial relief for the policyholders and their families. Instead of worrying about medical expenses, they can focus on what is more important: recovery and recuperation.


Joanne Carlos—Macaraeg, Health Support beneficiary

“Health Support had been very useful during my dad’s sickness,” says Joanne Carlos—Macaraeg, a Health Support beneficiary. “We were supported by Philippine Prudential without hesitation even though we filed claims each month that Dad was in the hospital. In those times of hardship, emotionally and financially, Philippine Prudential was a lot of help.”


A burial benefit rider of up to P 100,000.00 can also be availed  in addition to the hospitalization benefits.  Among many Filipinos, death is often considered a morbid subject, but pre-planning for the availability of cash in the event of sudden loss has proven to be worthwhile, particularly for grieving family members.



Avelina R. Agayan, Health Support Beneficiary


“We are thankful for the Health Support Hospital Income Plan of Philippine Prudential,” Avelina R. Agayan, both a Health Support policyholder and beneficiary, says. “It granted us cash assistance during my late husband Alex A. Agayan, Sr.’s confinement, as well as the burial benefit.”


If you wish to know more about Health Support Hospital Income Plan and other Philippine Prudential products, please call (02) 711-9188, 712-3756, 712-2710 or 712-3410.  You may also follow the link provided below. A downloadable enrollment form is available for those interested to apply for the plan. advt


Originally posted: 5:01 pm | Monday, September 2nd, 2013


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