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In case of emergency, don’t break the bank

Maintaining a savings account is necessary, but whether or not it is enough to financially shield a family from emergencies is something breadwinners must consider carefully.


More and more Filipinos are waking up to the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, but the reality is, not all risks and dangers can be kept at bay.  Medical emergencies that require prolonged treatment can take a large chunk of your savings. In worse cases, they can even leave you in debt.


Financial preparedness—one that goes beyond basic needs—is the key to having extensive risk protection.  It may seem complex  in the beginning, but there are consumer-friendly, savings-oriented tools that can help you build a resource pool for extraordinary expenses like hospital confinement.


Take Philippine Prudential’s Double Security Plus Plan, for example. This life and health insurance program provides you with a hospitalization benefit of up to P 3,000 a day if you are suddenly confined for an illness or injury.  That’s additional cash on-hand for you to use whichever way you see necessary, may it be to cover a part of your confinement fees or pay for succeeding check-ups or treatments.  The best guarantee, however, is the emotional and financial ease you will experience during recovery.


Another valuable benefit of the Double Security Plus Plan is the life insurance coverage.  In the event of your untimely demise, it pays your designated beneficiaries lump sum cash of up to P 300,000, protecting them from financial repercussions and making sure their plans for the future are not disrupted.


In addition, your loved ones will be stress-free with the burial assistance benefit of up to P 30,000. This will cover other necessary expenditures, or can be set aside as part of your remaining emergency funds.


The promise of such benefits do come at a price, but one that’s relatively easy on the pocket.  Monthly premiums depend on the coverage plan you choose—if you want to protect yourself with the highest possible hospitalization benefit (P 3,000 per day, as previously mentioned), then Plan 3000 would be the most suitable choice. More modest spenders can opt for lower-priced plans, but the corresponding coverage will be lower as well.


Premiums are also determined by age. The younger you are, the less you will have to pay every month, so if the question left in your mind is “When is the right time to get it?” the only real answer is, “Now.”  There’s not much difficulty in terms of eligibility either, as Double Security Plus is on a “guaranteed acceptance” basis, which means there is no medical examination required.


When it comes to your health—may it be physical or financial—you can never be too prepared.  A comprehensive safeguard like Double Security Plus is as essential as a savings account because, more than anything, it frees you from the stress and inconvenience of lacking funds when medical emergencies strike. All you have to think about is bouncing back to better health and to returning to the kind of life you work so hard to attain. advt


If you wish to know more about Double Security Plus Plan and other Philippine Prudential products, please call (02) 711-9188, 712-3756, 712-2710 or 712-3410.  You may also follow the link provided below. A downloadable enrollment form is available for those interested to apply for the plan.



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Originally posted: 5:37 pm | Monday, September 9th, 2013




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