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OCTOBER 27, 2022

ELEGANT, retro Classic Flight range combines the classic look of the early days of aviation with the best characteristics of modern luggage.

Traveling can be full of pitfalls if one doesn’t plan well enough. One wrong move and your trip can be ruined.


Because I’m quite petite, I carefully consider the amount of things I pack when traveling. Choosing the right luggage is a must—lightweight but sturdy enough to keep my valuables safe.


Rimowa, which is based on the name of its founder Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen, is one of the world’s premium brands that creates aluminum (first introduced in 1950) and polycarbonate suitcases that ensure durability and flexibility while remaining particularly light.


Though its products are made using high-tech materials, most of the luggage is still assembled by hand.

OLD Rimowa suitcase


The company, whose suitcases are preferred by business travelers and jet-setters alike, has a history that spans over 110 years.


Waterproof case


Rimowa’s waterproof case— which effectively protects equipment not only from water but also from humidity, tropical heat and arctic cold—has also made it the favorite brand of film crews and photographers.


The brand’s constant pursuit of innovation has led to the creation of polycarbonate—a recyclable material used in aircraft windows and construction which is highly durable and impact-resistant, making dents disappear on their own.


Technical features such as the patented multi-wheel systems, which make for easier luggage mobility; TSA-certified combination locks; and award-winning compartment systems that keep things in place, appear in Rimowa’s various collections that are tinted in elegant hues like prosecco, violet and ice blue, among others, and are available in various sizes.


Even the brand’s trademark grooved structure, which allows for the greatest possible stability, is continuously updated.


Upping the ante are its collaborations with Lufthansa and Porsche in past years.


Noise reduction


LEGENDARY aircraft from the pioneering era of air travel is the great inspiration for Rimowa luggage.

Rimowa products have also been tested by Technischer Überwachungsverein (TUV), a leading German quality-control company.


Further enhancing its special features, Rimowa also recently introduced noise-reduced wheel housing in collections like the Salsa Deluxe, Limbo and Topas, eliminating the irritating sound that suitcases usually make.


With constant, clever product improvements that make traveling simpler (and enjoyable), Rimowa continues to achieve a level of perfection made possible by handcrafted precision and attention to detail combined with high-technology materials.


As president and CEO Dieter Morszeck said, “We don’t accept compromises when it comes to the quality of our products.”

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