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OCTOBER 27, 2022

SHAIRA LUNA. SHAIRA owns 10 pairs of Doc Martens.

Dr. Martens has always celebrated nonconformity and self-expression, providing generation after generation of rebels and free-thinkers with shoes that make them stand out.


#StandForSomething, the brand’s latest campaign, aims to give recognition to people who have been rocking their boots. It asks: “What do you stand for?”


Fans around the world have responded, proudly posting their Dr. Martens footprints online. “I stand for all the odd balls of my generation who won’t let society change them,” said Bry from the United Kingdom. Maria of the Netherlands wrote, “I stand for the reckless… the rebels… the odd ones.”


“I stand for love and loyalty,” posted Sebastian of Colombia.


Filipino fans have joined the fun and last night, Dr. Martens Philippines held the #StandForSomething multimedia exhibit at the LRI Design Plaza.


Niña Defensor, Dr. Martens Philippines marketing and PR executive, said, “We wanted a medium that would give a feel of the campaign in its raw and rugged form. It’s straight to the point, nothing grandiose, and quite dirty—anyone was free to write on our canvas floor and tell us what they stand for. Guests were invited to step on a dirt pile and stomp around the place to leave their boot or shoe trails.”


The brand also handpicked artists who embody the campaign and who were given the freedom to express what they stood for through their chosen forms of art—photography, live art and video production.


The seven were Shaira Luna, Eddie Boy Escudero, Kenji O, Rob Cham, Arion “Penny” Pennington, Ralph Mendoza and Judd Figuerres.


Days before the exhibit, Super asked six of them about their art, their passions and what they stand for.


SHAIRA LUNA. SHAIRA owns 10 pairs of Doc Martens.




How she discovered her love for photography: “In college, I used to sneak out of the house and watch or jam during my friend’s gigs. Knowing that each night could be the last night before I was caught, all I wanted was a point-and-shoot camera to capture the stage lights on the singer’s vintage mic that I found so beautiful.


“I eventually left home and just kept snapping everything, casually, as we would now with our phones, with no inkling whatsoever that photography would become my passion, and later, my career.


“From bands, I started photographing portraits, places, events, and every odd thing in between, taking in each experience with these huge eyes! The rest is history, recorded in a wall-high pile of CDs.”


Her art in five words: “Surreal, quirky, playful, wide-ranged, storytelling.”


Shaira’s work at the #StandForSomething exhibit: “I really love old Dr. Martens ads, and two of my photos pay tribute to photographs from the Dr. Martens heritage archives. And since people say I have a couple of distinct styles, I tried to make each one look and feel different. Two are self-portraits, which is a genre that is really representative of my work because it’s how I learned to shoot and play with light.”


What she stands for: “Daydreams and laughs!”


What she loves about Dr. Martens: “They’re tough, versatile, and unlike other statement shoes that wear you instead of the other way around, Dr. Martens really brings out your individuality. Most of all, they just LOOK AMAZING.”


Owns: “Ten pairs—half in black and half in brown. I’m looking forward to my first colored or printed pair!”


If she could wear only one pair of Dr. Martens, she’d choose: “My brown, very worn-in 1460s. I love my black ones, too, but the brown ones show age really well. They’re the most comfortable pair of boots I own, and that’s saying something from someone always in boots!”


Her other passions: “Humor, old things, perfumes and learning.”


Her inspirations: “Everything—from old films, history, books I read as a child, works of other artists—all go into a drawer in my head for reference. My favorite pastime is going to thrift shops and allowing the clothes and knick-knacks to fuel my imagination.”


Where to find her art: “My Facebook page, Shaira Luna Photography and my website  www.shairaluna.com. You can also find me on Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and Tumblr—@shairaluna.”




Freelance illustrator, designer, comic artist, writer, friend


How he discovered his love for art: “I started drawing comics and cartoons when I was a  kid. From watching TV and reading comics, I figured I wanted to do something like that, tell stories, make people laugh, have them like what I do. Some weird need for approval.


“I liked the freedom art gave me to express how I viewed the world, how to skew it, and how people can sort of understand me better through these comics and pieces I make.”


His art in five words: “It’s great, I swear. Maybe.”


Rob’s work at the #StandForSomething exhibit: “They’re letting me do live art. I am planning to make something cool, hopefully. Maybe people will look at it and think I am cool, too.”


What he stands for: “Self-expression and moderate repression.”


What he loves about Dr. Martens: “I like this campaign they’re doing. Having people declare their beliefs in a bold way, that’s just encouraging.”


Owns: “Three pairs.”


If he could only wear one pair of Dr. Martens, he’d choose: “Bernards. They’re comfy.”


His other passions: “Comic books, movies, friendship, love, art, life, cooking, chicken nuggets, the Internet.”


His inspiration: “Other people.”


Where to find his art: https://robcham.me and Twitter and Instagram—@robcham






How he discovered his love for art: “Ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I was drawing. As a child I was fascinated with artists like Warhol, Van Gogh and Picasso. Art has always been a huge part of my life.”


His art in five words: “Very new and ignorant art.”


Penny’s work at the #StandForSomething exhibit: “I am very spontaneous and usually improvise on the spot. I can definitely say it’s going to be very detailed and colorful.”


What he stands for: “Smart and talented kids on the streets. The ones that don’t exactly fit in the mold of society. They all have so much potential but their life is full of negativity.


“I used to be a delinquent myself, I know how it feels. I wanna inspire those kids.  I stand for changing my life from negative to positive.”


What he loves about Dr. Martens: “The history is actually what attracts me to the brand. Dr. Martens is synonymous with punk to me. Also, I’ve always preferred boots to any other type of shoes.”


If he could wear only one pair of Dr. Martens, he’d choose: “I’ll take whatever they have in black.”


His other passions: “I’m a big fan of literature and fashion. I like to try everything I think is interesting.”


His inspirations: “Everything and anything inspires me. The universe is an inspiring place.”


Where to find his art: “Follow me on Twitter @TheRadiantMakk for any updates and information on my art.”


KENJIO. Irvin Rivera aka Graphics Metropolis. ONE OF Kenji’s photos for the ROB CHAM IPHONE by Rob Cham #StandForSomething exhibit


Freelance photographer


How he discovered his love for art: “I discovered my love of art at a young age and I was going to art school, but all my pieces were photographic in nature. It blossomed in 2008 when I saw the photo diary of the editor of Purple Fashion Magazine in one of the old issues. I never knew the curation of photos could influence narrative so much.”


His art in five words: “Down-to-earth, understated, different.”


Kenji’s work at the #StandForSomething exhibit: “The pieces on display are all new works from the last couple of weeks from LA. I like the pieces better than my old work because, although some of them are obvious as portraits, a couple of them look really different and break away from traditional conventions of portraiture.”


What he stands for: “Knowing what you’re about and meaning what you say, always.”


What he loves about Dr. Martens:  “I love the fact that Docs are both current and timeless, which is an oxymoron in itself. They are also extremely durable.”


Owns: “Just one pair—the standard 1461s that I recently purchased in LA.”


If he could  wear only one pair of Dr. Martens, he’d choose: “The limited edition 1461s with the black laces that are made in the original DM factory in the United Kingdom. They’re about double the price of the normal ones and look sturdier. The reason is,  I define my personal style (like my photography) as something not completely out there but a subtle twist to what is standard.”


His other passions: “I’m passionate about photography in general, about being in good company with real people, and about my own fitness.”


His inspirations: “Photographers and photography I like inspire me. Wholesome company, lovers and prospective lovers as well. My photography is deeply a product of my own idealism.”


Where to find his art: “Check me out on www.kenji-o.com and my Instagram is kenj_o. My Instagram is more updated than my site at the moment.”


EDDIE Boy Escudero. ONE OF Eddie Boy’s photos for the #StandForSomething exhibit




How he discovered his love for photography: “Though I’ve owned a camera for 30 years now, it was only when I joined the Zone V Camera Club eight years later that I got totally consumed by photography. It was in this period that the Club Dredd and soon after, the rave scenes, exploded. I soon discovered that getting paid to party was possible.”


His art in five words:  “The world around me ROCKS!”


Eddie Boy’s work at the #StandForSomething exhibit:   “They are portraits of some of the coolest persons on the scene today. In Docs.”


What he stands for: “Pinoy pop culture and the oddball geniuses behind it.”


What he loves about Dr. Martens: “Work boots never looked so cool.”


If he can wear only one pair of Dr. Martens, he’d choose: “The classic boot? Because it looks like it could last forever?”


His other passions: “Facebook and my Web discoveries. My granddaughter.”


His inspirations: “Anything beautiful does. Photographs, music, movies, women, Mother Earth, my family.”


Where to find his art: “Facebook.”


RALPH MENDOZA. MODEL SamHumphries at her favorite rooftop hangout. PHOTO BY RALPH MENDOZA


Photographer, writer


How he discovered his love for film: “My girlfriend shot on film and before I knew it, I had about three 35-mm point-and-shoots stored in my closet that same month. That was just a year ago. I’m the new guy. And I guess that’s when I discovered I liked taking photos in general. Film was just another medium to do so.”


His art in five words: “Young, natural, unforced, relaxed, outdoorsy.”


Ralph’s work at the #StandForSomething exhibit: “Modeled by Sam Humphries, the shoot took place at her favorite rooftop hangout. It’s supposed to stand for the youth being who they are and exploring risks in their everyday lives. I didn’t want to overdo anything.”


What he stands for: “Risks.”


What he loves about Dr. Martens: “It’s the shoe that never dies.”


Owns: “Just three pairs. A black croco 1461, black brogues and a cherry red Henley Oxford.”


If he could only wear one pair of Dr. Martens, he’d choose: “The black croco 1461. For sentimental ass reasons. It was given to me by my bosses when I first started working in the Docs shop before.


His other passions: “Chilling and the possibility of food.”


His inspirations: “Places waiting to be experienced.”


Where to find his art: “I don’t know if it’s art but you can check my photos at @ralphmendo on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.”


Visit Dr. Martens Philippines at Two Parkade, Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig. Tell the brand what you stand for on their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/DrMartensPH).




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