Jodi Sta. Maria’s rescue cat Naia may also be Naia the drag queen

OCTOBER 27, 2022

My current favorite ongoing Twitter series, now that Eva Le Queen has finally made peace with her iPhone 14 and is no longer being terrorized by it, is Naia Black’s latest gig as Jodi Sta. Maria’s cat.

Okay, let’s go back a few chapters.

On Jan. 6, the award-winning “Broken Marriage Vow” star found a scrawny and cute kitten in the middle of the chaos of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Noticing that he was dangerously close to being run over by the other passengers’ carts, Sta. Maria saved the little orange tabby and took him home. “Poor kitty now has a new home,” she wrote on Twitter.

She also shared that she christened the cat, who at that point she still thought was female, Naia after the airport she was rescued from.


Enter our December cover girl Naia Black. “Thank you for adopting me,” she replied to Sta. Maria’s tweet, then followed with a quote tweet telling Sta. Maria that she was “really [her] mother for this.”

That blossomed into a series of Naia the drag queen replying in character as Naia the cat to every update that Sta. Maria posted on the kitty. To a post about the cat’s first day in the Sta. Maria home, she wrote: “mej shy pa ako eh pero tenx sa vet day mommy pose pose lang muna akiz while waiting for my anti-rabies” (sic). On Sta. Maria finding out the kitty’s gender when she was being dewormed and getting vaccinated at the vet: “Everyone thinks I’m a she until they try deworming me. 🖤”

It’s kind of deranged and chaotic and it’s one of the few things that’s giving me life this year (readers, I’ve not had a good start to my 2023). There’s even lore! Naia is actually a sigbin! And like every good Netflix series, there’s an undercurrent of drama and tension behind it all, in the sense that one day Sta. Maria’s definitely going to eventually block Naia. 

Like, it’s going to happen, right? We all know this? That or that she’ll end up actually adopting Naia the human as well. Those are the only ways I can see this ending. (Siri, play “I Know The End” by Phoebe Bridgers. Or maybe not because she hates cats.)

Oh well. While I wait for more episodes of “Drag Den,” where Naia started out as a bottom but is a bottom placer no longer, I have this. You can’t take this away from me!


Art by Ella Lambio

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