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OCTOBER 27, 2022

I think that sometimes spirits want to make contact, and the feeling doesn’t always have to be heavy or negative. My most undeniable encounter happened many years ago, when a dear friend who had just passed away said hello.


But recently, I actually made an otherworldly friend in the shower, I think.


Every year, around January or February, when it’s still freezing, our yoga group goes on a retreat in Baguio, to this venerable old hotel/club that’s been around since wartime. (Read: It’s probably got its share of ghosts.)


Friends have talked about experiences in this hotel, and they have generally been pretty good, if that’s possible. In fact, one said she heard children running around her bed, and the feeling wasn’t ominous or dark at all.


One evening after a yoga session last year, my roommate called out that she was stepping out, while I had a headful of shampoo in the shower. As soon as she left, I felt very strongly like someone was staring at me from behind, so I whirled around to face the back of the shower stall. For some strange reason, I remember looking down—like I was expecting to see a small child.


Of course, nobody was there. I crept out gingerly, and said a prayer before wiping the mist off the mirror, terrified I might see something. There was nothing. “Walang ganyanan, ha. Friends tayo,” I said out loud in my best sing-song, pre-school teacher voice.


This year—same month, same club, same retreat, same circumstances—I was in the shower again, and my roommate stepped out when I got the same feeling, but lighter—and more familiar?—this time. “Is that you again?” I called out loud. “Remember, friends tayo, ha.”


In response, in that windowless bathroom, with no wind and the door closed, my visitor gently lifted the shower curtain high, like it had been blown by a breeze, in slow motion. I could only stare, hair standing on end, while it paused—and eventually came down again.


Again, even if I felt spooked, there was no sense of darkness or evil. Frankly, I can’t wait until next year!



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