Pacman suspended–from exclusive club | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

(Thumbs down)There must have been a mistake, but then, there was no mistake.

The name of Manny (Emmanuel) Pacquiao is—as of press time, at least—on the list of suspended members in an exclusive club in the south. Reason: Unpaid membership dues.

Of course, that’s most ironic—one of the country’s richest men and a hero at that is on the monthly suspension list, and this in a club where his every fight sees packed crowds that pay to watch the champion’s live match. Why? How?

The most likely answer is that the man must have even forgotten he’s a member of the club, given the windfall—make that tsunami—of perks and luxuries in his life recently. Seems just an oversight, that’s all.

Get tricycles out of national road

(Thumbs down)The tragic accident where journalist Chit Estella died last May 13 brought urgent focus to the “killer avenue” that is Commonwealth Ave. in Quezon City. Now traffic regulation officials and even lawmakers are giving their two cents’ worth on what should be done with this messy stretch, which even seasoned drivers find hard to navigate.

While they’re at it, they should also start implementing the ban on tricycles on national roads. As if speed-freak motorbikes weren’t enough to give motorists a cardiac arrest, tricycles are right on the speed lane on national roads, from the north on routes going to Baguio to the south in Alabang-Zapote road, where, incidentally, traffic aides are  nowhere to be found even during horrendous bottlenecks.

Muntinlupa—environment-but not traffic-friendly

(Thumbs down)Speaking of Muntinlupa—the ban on plastic bags is really being enforced assiduously in this city in the south.

Now if only such diligence could be applied on more pressign matter, like traffic. For instance, the Alabang-Zapote stretch—does anyone really remember how it looks without craters and diggings—is always a bottleneck because of the regular Maynilad diggings. Yet—traffic aides are nowhere to be seen. It’s every man to himself in this supposedly progressive urban enclave.