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OCTOBER 27, 2022

President Aquino will remain loveless in 2014.


That is what the stars and the planets say about the bachelor President, whose last known romantic relationship was with former Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad and it ended three years ago.


Astrological researcher Renato Bisquera said Aquino would still have no chance to find a new love in 2014.


“If there is any chance of romance, it will be very expensive because he attracts gold diggers and he can marry for money,” said Bisquera, who is also a magazine editor and an astrological writer since 1975.


“His marriage star will show up late 2015 or in 2016,” he said, noting that the President’s zodiac sign, Aquarius, is also the sign of the current astrological age, which, according to him, is a very unusual period marked by uncertainty.


Astrological ages change every 2,000 years, according to Bisquera.


Bisquera said the President would have no time for love in 2014, as he would be doubly focused on the country’s financial security.


“The President should not lose focus on making the country a viable place for investment,” he said.




Well-known astrologer Resti Santiago said the new year promises luck expansion and vision, especially during the last quarter when the dominant planet will be Venus, a symbol of better and beautiful things.


“It will be good to invest in businesses involving entertainment, fashion, jewelry, apparel, energy and fuel, financial services and banks,” Santiago said.


Bisquera added that there is also luck in businesses related to anything liquid like oil, water, shipping and juices, and also liquid resources like insurance, casinos, lotto.


He explained that since the Philippines is a Pisces ascendant (associated with the water element), there will be luck in anything liquid.


“The misuse, abuse and lack of water, however, will bring the opposite fate to our country,” he said.


Women will occupy prominent roles throughout the year, according to Santiago. He said women would bring success and recognition to the Philippines.


Bisquera added that women in such businesses as food, housing and spas will also succeed in 2014.


Rough times


Both astrologers, however, said Filipinos should be prepared for difficulties in the coming year, noting that these will have to do with peace and order and the economy.


Santiago said the Philippines would go through rough times, especially during the first two quarters.


“The planets that will have dominant influence [the first] half will be Mars and Saturn, both planets of conflict and hardship,” Santiago said.


Santiago, 42, said he began to study the relationship of astronomical phenomena and the events on earth when he was in high school.


In 2011, he focused on medieval astrology, and he made a chart of the changes of the seasons and made his forecasts using that chart and observing planetary positions.


He said that based on the positions of the planets, the conflicts with rebel groups in the country will continue, making peace and order the major concern in 2014.


Security of commercial and residential establishments should also be improved, as the year would breed more thieves, he said.


“On a personal level, the planetary positions say that there will be more breakups and relationship conflicts in 2014,” he said.


Economic hardship


In economics, he said Filipinos would be more practical, because of possible hardship during the new year.


Santiago said the peso could be generally weak in 2014 and that a sharp movement might occur in March and November.


“Because of these, more Filipinos will continue seeking jobs abroad,” Santiago said.


Filipinos should be prepared for more disasters like typhoons and earthquakes, he said.


“Planetary positions reveal that there be will be strong typhoons in the country in August and November,” said Santiago, who predicted a year before Supertyphoon “Yolanda” hit central Philippines that a powerful cyclone would devastate the Philippines on Nov. 6, 2013.


With maximum winds of up to 350 kilometers per hour, Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) slammed into Eastern Samar then plowed through the rest of the Visayan region on Nov. 8, killing more than 6,000 and flattening entire communities.


Santiago said there was a high possibility of earthquakes in January and March.




He said he used a medieval astroclock to formulate his forecasts.


The astroclock, which uses the positions of the planets to tell future events, is the main tool used in astrometeorology, Santiago said.


Santiago said astrometeorology could be helpful in the Philippines, especially in preparing for natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes.


He said meteorological forecasts were more accurate and specific because these could determine good and bad periods.


“It will be good to combine this science with weather forecasting, as this will allow people to plan [because] they know when weather disturbances are coming,” Santiago said.


Details like rainfall and typhoon speed are beyond the scope of astrometeorology, however, but these could and will be provided by meteorologists, he said.




Santiago said he was sharing his knowledge and expertise with a group of astrology enthusiasts who call themselves Astrology Friends Philippines.


The group holds occasional get-togethers to discuss various astrological topics.


“Everyone is welcome to join our discussion. No prior knowledge of astrology is necessary,” Santiago said.


Astrology Friends Philippines announces its meetings and shares its forecasts through its blog, http://astrologyphilippines.blogspot.com.



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