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OCTOBER 27, 2022

POWDER is your friend. Make sure brush/sponge is evenly coated with powder to avoid erasing cream concealer that you’ve already applied.
POWDER is your friend. Make sure brush/sponge is evenly coated with powder to avoid erasing cream concealer that you’ve already applied.

It was quite literally Foundation Day at Joya Loft’s South Tower after Bobbi Brown’s makeup team finished converting the space into a “house of foundation,” where the brand’s makeup base range was showcased.


Hong Kong-based international makeup artist Felix Nguyen was in attendance to update the guests on new application techniques as well as the latest formulas available in the market.


First, Felix finally put to bed the debate between foundation or concealer application, i.e., which one you should put on first.


“Concealer first. Take away what makes you look tired first to avoid piling on the foundation,” he advised.


The same tenet applies when it’s time to apply foundation.


“Start with the nose; target blemished areas first,” he said. This tip will ensure that you don’t end up spackling on your foundation—or what we Filipinos call masilya.




When it comes to choosing foundation based on skin type, Felix has another alternative. “The thing with Bobbi Brown is all the foundations—no matter what finish or texture—are actually perfect for all skin types; the only thing we need to do is adjust your skincare.”


If you have oily skin, Felix recommended prepping skin with a hydrating gel moisturizer instead of something rich and emollient. This means you can choose foundation according to your lifestyle or event. If you are attending a Chinese wedding, for instance, which happens in the morning, then you’re given an afternoon break until cocktails and reception in the evening, then you’d want to use long-wear foundation.


Long-wear foundation is typically not recommended for women with dry skin, but if you prep your skin with an emollient moisturizer, then you can use long-wear foundation with ease.


Felix added, “Bobbi believes that just because you have a certain skin type doesn’t mean you can only use certain formulations because it’s limiting.”


Corrector concealer


He also shared the secret to banishing dark under-eye circles.


“Dark circles affect every single person, no matter what age, and people are always worrying how to perfect their dark circle coverage. The secret is corrector concealer. Prime it with a hydrating eye cream, and it’ll give you the best natural finish, it’s amazing.”


He also addressed women’s fear of powder and foundation. Felix said he observed that women who buy the brand’s Creamy Concealer Kit, a compact that combines a cream concealer and matching pressed powder, often end up fully consuming the cream concealer while leaving the powder side pristine.


“You have to powder really well to make sure your base lasts,” he said. His powdering tip: Coat all sides of your brush with powder; leaving one side of the brush without powder will absorb the concealer you’ve carefully applied, undoing the work you’ve done.


For those who fear that foundation is “unnatural, thick or pore-clogging,” Felix assured us that we are in a new era of base.


“The fear of powder is a throwback from when technology wasn’t so great; but these days, cosmetic companies invest so much in getting the products right for women, so it looks natural and amazing,” he said.


Second skin


Since the new foundation formulas go on like second skin, can men finally wear foundation, too?

BOBBI Brown international makeup artist Felix Nguyen


“I love that men are starting to wear a little makeup. I don’t see any reason why men shouldn’t wear makeup as well,” said Felix. He himself was wearing a bit of concealer and a tinted moisturizer, but it was so perfectly applied that he only looked like he was born with flawless skin.


“The thing with men and makeup is that it should look super-natural and flawless. Not flawless as in coverage, but flawless in that they look like they’re wearing nothing on their face.”


For men, Felix recommended the tinted moisturizer. “If you’re brave enough to go for a little coverage, our BB Cream is a massive hit across Asia for all men and women. I see men wearing it, too.”


For dark under-eye circles, a problem that plagues men and women alike, Felix advised going with the Tinted Eye Brightener.


“It’s incredible for men—lightweight, really easy to apply and quick to dry. It looks perfect.”


Bobbi Brown is available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source (Makati, Shangri-La Plaza, Cebu), Essenses Power Plant Mall, 2/F Bridgeway SM Megamall, 2/F SM Mall of Asia.

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