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OCTOBER 27, 2022

THE VALENCIANOS: Kiana, Gabriel, Sam (née Godinez) and husband Paolo, Angeli and Gary
THE VALENCIANOS: Kiana, Gabriel, Sam (née Godinez) and husband Paolo, Angeli and Gary

One of my father’s traits that I really admire is his passion for excellence. As a singer-songwriter and performer, he won’t stop till he gets everything perfectly right. It’s inspiring that there’s someone like him in the music industry, which tends to suffer from mediocrity nowadays.—Kiana Valenciano, daughter of pop star Gary Valenciano


No prejudice


My dad passed away three years ago. He had many traits that I thought I would never have. He was very devoted to his business.


He was a generous man, fastidious when it comes to clothing. He’d say to me, “You should already know what to wear in the morning before you sleep at night.” He also taught me how to properly press a pair of pants.


JAIME Jao Lustico, father of designer Dennis Lustico, with the designer’s older brother Chito

I also got from him my love for Chinese food and for cooking.


But the one trait that I wish I possessed is his ability to embrace all types of personalities. He was not prejudiced, and it seems that he saw the positive side of every person that he met. He was very popular in our place and, at one point,became the town mayor.—Fashion designer Dennis Lustico, son of Jaime Jao Lustico




My dad taught me to be obedient, responsible, obedient and goal-oriented. He molded my character, how to be a person with good morals and right conduct. Likewise, my father always reminded me to learn to strike a balance between love and discipline. I’ve been trying to teach these things to my own kids.—Francis Zamora, son of former San Juan Rep. Ronaldo Zamora


JOEY Benin and daughter Clara



My dad has always been one to light up a room. He knows how to make people smile and look at the bright side. He also stands for his beliefs and never compromises for the sake of others. People respect him for that. He has affected everyone with his positivity—from his friends in the music business to the manong selling peanuts on the streets. But the greatest trait I want to emulate from him is his faith.—Clara Benin, daughter of Side A bassist-turned-entrepreneur Joey Benin



DESIGNER JC Buendia with late dad Arturo Buendia


I wish I had my father’s sense of frugality. Now that I’m getting older, I feel that his aversion to certain luxuries actually makes sense. He was not one to get excited over seeing merchandise after that thrill ride in the theme park. He used to say to me, “Think 10 times before buying anything.”—Fashion designer JC Buendia, son of Arturo Buendia




JAY Durias and daughter Kahlil

My dad’s patience is the reason why he has achieved a lot of things. He is also a perfectionist in his music—he does not consider a job done unless he is 100-percent satisfied with it. I think I’ve absorbed some of that trait of his. My dad is likewise one of the kindest people I know. He is not happy about hearing unfair comments about other artists’ work, even as a joke, because he understands hard work. I always try be like him.—Kahlil Durias, daughter of South Border bandleader Jay Durias




I was never close to my father, but I saw, felt and acknowledged his love for me and my brother. He may have had his faults, but I recognize his patience and perseverance. He sacrificed a lot for us, too! In a sense, he could also be a martyr to a fault.—Entrepreneur  Ruby Gan, daughter of Avelino U. Gan


VICKI Belo (with dad Enrique Belo): “My dad, lawyer Ike Belo, always made me believe I could do anything, even fly

No vices


My dad was truly the most amazing father in the world. He was the valedictorian of his UP class, a bar topnotcher and scholar at Harvard Law School.


More than his achievements, he was a humble, kind, patient and hardworking man with integrity .


He loved the Philippines dearly. He had no vices. All the extra money he had, he would pour into his 200-hectare farm in Capiz, because he said it was important to leave this earth much better than when you arrived. I try to emulate him as much as I can.—Dr. Vicki Belo, daughter of Enrique Belo

FRANCIS Zamora and family




My dad was a good provider and loved to celebrate. It’s normal to have 100 people at dinner parties at home. He was kind and generous. He was good to his friends, his big family, his associates. Despite his busy schedule, he seemed to find time for everyone. He loved to read. I wish I had his wisdom, heart, charm and business acumen.—Fashion designer Lulu Tan Gan, daughter of KC Tan




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