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OCTOBER 27, 2022


The operation of Venetian blinds is simple, yet the effect its slats have on light is quite astounding.


When all the slats are closed tightly, the room is darkened. When the slats are adjusted at a slight angle, a little light can enter the room; and by opening them horizontally, the room can be flooded with light. Also, by tilting the slats toward the outside light we receive an indirect reflection.


Our lives may be likened to Venetian blinds, for they are influenced by the way we “pull the cords.” Upon arising each morning, we adjust the blinds in our room so that we receive no light, reflected light, or abundant, direct light.


Many choices


So it is with our lives—we start each day with many choices, possibilities and potentialities. It is up to us to decide how we shall use the day and its light.


Our first thoughts and attitudes for each day have a great effect on the succeeding hours. Perhaps we dread or fear the coming hours, assuming for ourselves the responsibility of their fulfillment.


Or, possibly, we wake up with the realization that “this is the day which Jehovah hath made,” knowing very well that if we only “let God,” He will take complete charge of all our activities.


How do we give Him complete reign over our daily lives? This is so simply accomplished. We have only to slant the “Venetian slats” of our lives that the loving, powerful grace of God is shining directly on us, flooding our lives with faith and trust.


I like to think or ponder that a great blind had been completely raised in David’s life when he so forcefully said: “Unto the upright there ariseth light in the darkness.” The fullness of joy and the magnitude of peace that come to the person “raising his blinds” cannot be described by even the most fluent of authors—it must be experienced in the individual consciousness.


Too many persons are languishing in magnificently furnished homes (lives), with their blinds closed so tightly that no light can shine through on them. They have talent, intelligence and perhaps worldly possessions through which they could be a great asset to humanity. But they lack the light to help them see how to use these attributes.


Yes, they seemingly lack an iota of luster to see the grandeur of planet earth because of their selfish attitude.


When I see a life filled with these self-inflicted “wounds,” I remember the intense darkness we obtained by covering all openings in our homes and business establishments with blackout curtains during World War II. And is it not the same principle?


How could God possibly ever shine through such instruments of spiritual blackout that the person has deliberately put into his life by his neglect and failure to recognize the great Omnipotence? Oh yes, this light is outside waiting to be let into the darkness!


Definite steps


Our Father God is always waiting just outside, not far off for the invitation from us for His entrance into our daily lives, thoughts, business enterprises, and even our rejoicing.


How is His entrance gained through such “blackened, mental attitudes and spiritual callousness?”


We, the persons needing the light, are His way. When the Supreme Being was creating the world, He said, “Let there be light,” and so there has been light all the ages since. This fact alone proves that the Almighty desires light (good) for His children.


However, there are definite steps that we must follow, knowing beyond all doubt that God is within, without completely surrounding our mental, physical and spiritual worlds. We come to the realization that there is absolutely nothing for us to worry or fret about. Here comes to us the word of Jesus with a new and wonderful meaning. “I come that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.”



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