Cruise-Resort collection is for everyone | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022



First, a bit of Fashion History 101. What is a Cruise-Resort collection? By choice and by design, the fashion industry tended to be impatient and anxious for two seasonal changes or shopping fixes (“retail therapy”).


Designers and consumers got tired, if not paranoid, while waiting for Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter presentations. To tweak their wardrobes, the solution was to add two more fashion seasons, which today are called Cruise-Resort and Pre-Fall.


Surprisingly, Cruise-Resort seems to be the best-selling among the collections, helped in part by the longest season on the store floor.


Most applicable


Resort or Cruise wear is in stores and boutiques on the first week of November to accentuate with lighter pieces the trendy Autumn-Winter apparel that arrives in September (winter coats, heavier woolens, insulated knits). They stay at full retail prices till February, when the Spring-Summer merchandise appears on the racks.


Initially for rich clients who spend winter in warmer climes (hence the word Cruise), the Resort collections mean lighter clothes—hands down the most applicable collection in the Philippines.




The pashmina and all its guises will be ubiquitous as best year-round must-have accessory.


Today’s Cruise collections are from Dior and Chanel, shown in Brooklyn and Dubai, respectively, two months ago.


Dior creative director Raf Simons, who is superstitious like founder Christian Dior, chose to celebrate the French luxury goods company’s 60th anniversary in New York.


Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld, who acknowledged Dubai for posting the French fashion house’s biggest boutique sales, showed his offerings by the seaside.


We have picked the latest trends like Lagerfeld’s harem pants as the new jeans, and Dior’s LBDs consisting of archival scarf prints designed by Dior in the ’60s.


There’s something for everyone. There are long and short lengths; everything is age-appropriate, for clients from 20 to 80 years old, with less body-fit clothes.


We handpicked the best and literally the brightest colors for you to choose from, perhaps have your local fashion designer whip up something like these youthful, sexy styles.


After all, that is the ultimate wish of fashion circles—for us to purchase wholeheartedly with a smile. Fun intended.