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OCTOBER 27, 2022

THE SIMMONS mattress now features Negative Ion-Fibers, a revolutionary invention that enables the bed to continuously produce streams of negative ions to help recharge the body.
THE SIMMONS mattress now features Negative Ion-Fibers, a revolutionary invention that enables the bed to continuously produce streams of negative ions to help recharge the body. PHOTOS BY ALANAH TORRALBA
SIMMONS Southeast Asia GM Aloysius Chew Hung Meng

Technology catches up with today’s sleep-deprived generation. A mattress now in the market, developed with scientific precision, does not only guarantee a good night’s rest but also rids the body of negative energy.


The result? You wake up refreshed and recharged.


The executives behind Simmons, a high-end mattress company, believe that moving forward means keeping up with the current lifestyle of long, punishing hours at work coupled with social and familial obligations.


For Simmons, it means that beds promoting health and well-being are now more in demand than ever.


“We represent a heritage of more than 140 years of innovation. Simmons is the inventor of modern mattresses, the way Henry Ford is the inventor of the modern automobile,” said Aloysius Chew, Singapore-based GM of Simmons Southeast Asia.


In 1925, Simmons invented the barrel-shaped Pocketed Coil that naturally follows the body’s curves. The Pocketed Coil also insures minimal motion transfer, giving you uninterrupted sleep, even if your partner is a “restless” sleeper.


Many mattress companies today are said to still copy this invention, often making poor imitations of the original.


“For people who work hard and want to invest in their sleep, na hindi takot gumastos, they go for Simmons,” said Bigboy Cheng, owner of Premium Mattress Gallery, the country’s sole distributor of Simmons mattresses, located at 2/F Ronac Art Center, 424 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan City. “It is the Gallery’s objective to provide better sleep solutions for everyone.”


The Pocket Coil technology was dramatically captured in the popular Bowling Ball mattress campaign video, where rows of pins remained standing after a bowling ball was dropped on the bed. Chew proudly said that even a full glass of wine on the bed would not spill over during any sudden movement.





“It works like the keys of the piano. When you press one key, the rest of the keys will remain still. So we dropped a bowling ball and the pins remained standing. This is our signature, the backbone of our mattresses,” Chew said.


Simmons, he said, invented other firsts and created trademarks in the industry. It was in 1900, for example, when Simmons patented the manually made wrapped coil spring, a technology so expensive that only the luxury liners such as the Titanic could afford it.


It was also the first mattress company to introduce the king- and queen-sized beds. Owning a Simmons became the source of pride of households, such that Eleanor Roosevelt, one of its biggest advocates, even appeared in a print ad.


Today, equipped with a much more advanced pocketed coil, Simmons carries the hybrid beds that fuse memory foam with pocketed coil. It also features AirCool technology—a luxurious, state-of-the-art mesh fabric and memory foam that remain cool even after several hours of contact with a warm human body.


But it doesn’t stop there. The Simmons mattress now have Negative Ion-Fibers, a revolutionary invention that enables the bed to continuously produce streams of negative ions to help recharge the body.


If you’ve ever been close to a waterfall, or even swam and bathed in one, then you know how refreshing it feels to be near this body of steady, moving water. The waterfalls carry negative ions. Negative ions are said to improve blood circulation and counter the effects of positive ions from constant exposure to computers, TVs and other electronic gadgets.


“The negative ions are woven into the fabric. It takes away the negative energy of your body, so you sleep well and feel genuinely recharged the next day… The sleep you’ll experience is unparalleled,” Chew said.


Atricia Tan, sales and marketing executive of Simmons Southeast Asia, also said the negative ions will still remain in abundance even after 10 years.


Simmons is the first and only bedding company to feature Negative Ion-Fibers. Made of 14 types of natural mineral stones that are “kneaded together into a thread and interwoven into a fiber,” this technology is proven to emit up to 1,600 negative ions for every cubic centimeter of air, generated even in static condition.


Chew said negative ions also help increase metabolism and enhance heart and lung function. The general effect is “you improve your health.”


The Simmons Negative Ion-Fibers is a joint collaboration between Adan Mineral Research Laboratory and Matsushita (representing Panasonic). The generation of ions is certified by the Japan Cotton Spinning Association and attested to by Setsco Services Pte. Ltd., one of Singapore’s largest testing and inspection company.


Simmons mattress is the choice bedding of many first-class hoteliers in the world, including the Shangri-La Group and Starwood Group. Premium Mattress Gallery carries only the double-, queen- and king-sized beds, priced from P189,000 to P350,000.

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