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Coca-Cola shares the happiest way of saying thank you


MANILA, Philippines—Every day, there are people who make our lives happier. Never does a day go by that we don’t thank them, yet we don’t even know their name. Coca-Cola believes that it is time for us to know them better.

On Friday, September 12, Coca-Cola surprised the world with the heartwarming, eye-opening video “The Happiest Thank You”. It documented the real reactions of people, who are usually called by generic names like “Ate,” “Kuya,” “Totoy” and “Boss” and they were treated with an unexpected token of gratitude, as people finally thanked them by their real names and were given a Coke bottle with their name printed on it.


Indeed, “The Happiest Thank You” has given a deeper and more significant meaning to its much-acclaimed “Share A Coke” campaign. It hopes to inspire each and every one of us to start showing our appreciation in a more personal way.

Even the people we’re always with, like our officemates and friends, would surely smile when we thank them personally. After all, the thank you that makes us happiest is the one with our name.140918_CocaCola03A_Ronilo


If you haven’t watched “The Happiest Thank You,” visit .

Should you wish to thank someone with a personalized Coke bottle, they are available in supermarkets, convenience stores, sari-sari stores and even vending machines nationwide.


For those names that can’t be found anywhere, Coca-Cola has a Share-A-Coke Tour where you can create personalized Coca-Cola bottles. For schedules and guidelines, visit (advt)