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OCTOBER 27, 2022


MANILA, Philippines—Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps keep the human body healthy by preventing destructive chemical reactions from occurring within its system. In particular, it lowers the production of free radicals—molecules with unpaired electron—which could be detrimental to the well-being of living cells.

Over the years, the most common known sources of Vitamin C are fruits and vegetables like calamansi, dalandan, lanzones, mangoes, orange, and pineapple—among many others. But recently, there arrived a surprising addition to the list: the BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink (PMD).

So what benefit does it bring if milk comes with 100% of the recommended daily Vitamin C intake?

Milk, in general, is already known for offering nutrients that do the human body good. It has Calcium which works on the maintenance of strong teeth and bones; Iron which is essential in metabolism and oxygen circulation in the body; and Zinc which strengthens the immune system and enables it to fight harmful substances that penetrate the blood stream and other systems of the body, while ensuring the body’s normal growth.

But with the inclusion of the 100% recommended Vitamin C intake in BEAR BRAND PMD’s offered nutrients, it now also addresses the problem of Micronutrient Deficiency (MND) among children.

MND is the lack in micronutrients which the body needs. But as the term “micro” applies, the body only require less than 100 milligrams of these nutrients a day.

How children acquire MND

Children lose micronutrients (Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C) faster than adults as their growing bodies consume large fractions of these nutrients while developing and moreover, their active lifestyle in school and during playtime uses a significant amount of their micronutrients as well. If not replenished properly, this can lead to MND among kids.

Children with MND suffer from weak immune system, experience decreased appetite, and are often indisposed.

Battling MND


To prevent this from happening, parents must always give their children nutritious and balanced meals that will keep their kids strong and healthy. Balanced meals must contain food that will supply the recommended daily energy and nutrient intakes for kids.

Now how can parents accomplish this on a daily basis?

A typical Filipino breakfast, for example, includes rice, egg and hotdog. This combination translates to only 44 percent of the recommended Iron intake for kids, 47 percent of Zinc, and 0 percent of Vitamin C. But if paired with the reformulated Bear Brand PMD, this much difference will be achieved:


Rice + Egg + Hotdog Rice + Egg + Hotdog + Bear Brand Powdered Milk Drink
Iron 44% 77%
Zinc 47% 79%
Vitamin C 0% 100%
Protein 45% 58%
Energy 34% 45%
Calcium 13% 58%
Vitamin A 45% 86%


See, keeping children out of the MND zone can be an easy and affordable task for parents with a glass of BEAR BRAND PMD a day.

With a glass of BEAR BRAND PMD a day, which now has 100% Vitamin C plus higher levels of Iron and Zinc, and the observance of a balanced meal intake, parents can keep their kids strong and well for school and for life’s adventures every single day. (advt)

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