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By Tara Soriano

Chef Jessie Rockwell Club exhibit

By Tara Soriano
By Tara Soriano

Tara Soriano, sculptor and jewelry designer, is this month’s featured artist at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club.


Called ‘Simply Remember,’ the exhibit features mixed-media pieces inspired by the artist’s love for dance, nature and the people in her life. The exhibit has three collections.


Collection 1 has five pyrographic images of birds which are engravings burnt onto slabs of recycled wood to express fire’s ability to create and destroy.


Collection 2 consists of 16 framed prints of ballerina images carved into vinyl records and pressed onto canvas using natural inks.


Collection 3 is an experimental attempt to draw on brass in five pieces.


A group of 12 artisan crosses, which have been inspired by the religious faith and displayed by the artist’s mother, is shown with the collections.


For more information, visit Chef Jessie Rockwell Club, G/L, Rockwell Center, Amorsolo Square, Amorsolo Drive, Makati; tel. 8907630, 4502996.