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OCTOBER 27, 2022

CAN you afford 'Tadhana'?
CAN you afford 'Tadhana'?
CAN you afford ‘Tadhana’?

Let’s not forget the hidden charges, please.

The tanga-tanga morphed from the annoying best friend to the cute stranger because of “That Thing Called Tadhana,” but let’s face it—except for the ketchup at the bus stop and the mat the main characters borrowed at Mt. Kiltepan, nothing else was free.

I like how impulse spawned a love affair between strangers Mace and Anthony, of course, but the drunken “Gusto kong mag-Baguio” was already P460, one-way.

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Not everyone is burgis enough to afford that, plus, plus, plus.

Because romantic comedy never mentions the meaningless costs of meaningful dates, and partly because I am heartless, I listed down the expenses buried deep, deep underneath the stardust.

You can call me tatanga-tanga now for obsessing about this, but when that dark cloud finally claims its spot over your head—because “Magbe-break din kayo,” per Mace—you probably will thank me.

I’ve made wise estimates based on experience. Outside of that, I’ve also talked to the owner of vegan Gaia Café & Crafts, old acquaintances, schoolmates’ friends, friends of friends of friends, and even waiters nanahagip ng camera,” so paki-appreciate.

This should be a precaution for the tatanga-tanga in you, unless you are, well, burgis.


The cost of tadhana, including the taxi and bus rides and meals that weren’t on film, is between P9,683 and P11,141—for both, kalma. (See the breakdown.) But remember that the lovebirds did not pay for lodging, and some options were taken on the cheap because it’s indie.

Maybe non-burgis yuppies can do it once every two years. So, as Mace said, “Kaya pero mabagal.


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