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OCTOBER 27, 2022

KRIS Aquino wears a Cary Santiago to the state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande last Thursday at the Palace.

KRIS Aquino wears a Cary Santiago to the state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande last Thursday at the Palace.
Kris Aquino wears a Cary Santiago to the state dinner in honor of French President Francois Hollande last Thursday at the Palace.

(What follows is lifted from Kris Aquino’s blog, Inquirer Lifestyle is reprinting it with Ms Aquino’s permission.)

I was wondering why I was getting texts from people urging me to hurry up and switch my voting address to Tarlac. Sabi ko wala naman akong property dun. I live in QC, bought another home here in QC, and we have a sizable property in an Ayala development in Silang, Cavite, that I bought as investment for my two sons.

I have sold all the four condominium units we owned (the two we lived in and the two at Rockwell we were renting out) in Makati. I should actually be going to Comelec QC soon for my transfer of registration record.

Then I was sent a link (to a news story published) in ( and I understood what those texts were meant to convey!

OMG, na-super LAUGH TRIP ako! Now I know why even the Superstar, Ate Guy, on “The Buzz” last Sunday, was asking me if I was running in 2016.

Seriously though, and this isn’t meant to brag but simply to state facts, I just renewed four major endorsement contracts, all for two years each, meaning, they will expire first quarter of 2017: for Boardwalk, a direct-selling company I’ve been with since 2009; Chowking, which I not only endorse but already own a franchise of, and we are proudly on our way to opening our second branch by the third quarter of the year; and two multinational companies that have contracts specifically stating that I can unequivocally guarantee that I have no plans of seeking elective office for the duration of our contracts.

Boy Abunda is also in the final stages of negotiations with two more new companies wanting to get me as their brand ambassador.

On “The Buzz” I already said that my priority is to not only financially secure the future of my two sons but also to really be physically present in their lives, most especially Bimb’s, because Gerbel, his yaya since birth, will get married this September.

How can I be an effective public servant when my heart’s priority is my two sons? I sincerely believe to succeed in anything I will need 100-percent focus.

You all know Josh has special needs, and he is my lifelong responsibility.

Bimb turns 8 this April 19, and until he’s at least in high school, I intend to be the most devoted presence in his life. He is growing up with a SINGLE mom, but I can say with 100-percent pride that I more than DOUBLE the love and affirmation, attention and affection to make him feel secure and complete.

Public service, whether elective or appointed office, will come in due time; seriously I want to give back to the country that has blessed me so immensely, and not just via the taxes I’m religiously paying (2014 estimated income tax total payments to the BIR from me from my accountants Reyes Tacundong is in the P54-million range).

Actually may naisip na nga akong campaign platform if and when the timing is right:

I’ve religiously and honestly paid my taxes to the Philippine government since I was 15 years old. I have never cheated the government of money, and I know how hard it is to sign those BIR payment checks when you are fearful of where the money will go.

I was 100-percent trustworthy in paying my taxes, (and) you can be sure I will be 100-percent trustworthy in taking care of yours.

PLUS, and most important, you all know what you’re getting in me, I have no skeletons in any closet left, hanggang bulalo ko alam n’yo na ang kwento. And sa KADALDALAN ko, may anomalya bang magaganap na makakalusot?

But politics is not happening in 2016.
For now, I am blessed to be an entertainer (host and occasional actress), an endorser, a producer, a website owner, a restaurant franchise owner, an investor and a MOTHER.



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