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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Second chances are rare, and sometimes they just never happen.

Inquirer Super asks this year’s Binibining Pilipinas candidates how they would have answered this deal-breaker.

Here are the girls’ respective takes on the 63rd Miss Universe edition’s final question, sent by a Filipino woman, Maria Navarro Fernandez of Makati City.

What is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world?

Samantha Balbin (1)

“Our country’s greatest contribution to the world is the strength and faith of its people. The Philippines is known to have endured natural calamities, and despite all the depression, Filipinos are still able to stand and carry on with their lives. This gives hope to other nations in helpless situations, to keep the faith and be strong.”

 Jenny Feliz Gonzalez (2)

“The greatest contributions of our country to the entire world are unity and togetherness. The Filipino people are able to show these qualities, despite the deluge our country faced in the past years. The resilient Filipino people who show unity and togetherness, despite unfortunate events, are the greatest contributions of my country to the world.”

Ria Rabajante (3)

“My country’s greatest contribution to the world is every Filipino’s passion in pursuing our dreams, and being able to serve our purpose for the benefit of humanity. We use our talent and skills to touch and change lives. God bless the Filipinos.”

Renée Soraya Hassani (4)

Our people, the Filipino people, are the best at caring and loving, not just for their families but for others’ loved ones, too. That is why we have plenty of responsible, hardworking nurses, doctors, domestic helpers whom our foreign brothers have come to love. Most of our Filipino overseas workers are skilled and articulate—professional in any field they’re in.”

Cannielle Faith Santos (5)

The world knows how hardworking and trustworthy Filipinos are. I think the greatest contribution we have to the world are our OFWs. They give us pride and honor by giving world-class service. My respect goes to them because I know how hard it is to be away from loved ones, sacrificing oneself to provide a better future for the family.

Toni Alyessa Hipolito (6)

“The greatest contribution of the Philippines to the world is its people. Filipinos are very hardworking and positive. Thus, they are a good example of how we should be in life. Especially our OFWs—I consider them our present heroes.”

Enrica Roxiele Quieb (7)

“The greatest contribution of our country, the Philippines, is overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Filipinos sacrifice their lives to give financial support to their families. In this way, we can see the selfless love we Filipinos have for our loved ones.”

Kimverlyn Suiza (8)

“The greatest contribution of the Philippines to the entire world is its people. If you are in our country, you will never feel alone because of our warm hospitality. Overseas, we greatly contribute to the work force, away from our families, to provide them with a better life and serve other countries with utmost dedication.”

Maolin Yalung (9)

Whenever the country is struck by national calamities, such as last 2013 with Supertyphoon Yolanda, we showed the whole world how to rise above an enormous challenge. We also united the whole world despite our political and cultural differences. I think that ability to inspire and encourage is the Philippines’ greatest contribution to the world. We captivate the hearts and souls of people around us, and that’s what the true Filipino spirit means.”

Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach (10)

 “The people: optimistic, resilient and hardworking. Oh, and we have the sweetest mangoes in the world.”

Janicel Lubina (11)

“The greatest contribution of our country to the world is the spirit of volunteerism, because despite a lot of calamities that we face, we help each other in our own simple way, with a big smile on our faces.”

Kylie Verzosa (12)

“The greatest contribution of my country to this world is its people. Its people are strong in the values that we uphold. We are hard workers who sacrifice for our nation, but most of all, our people are strong at heart.”

Princess Joy Camu (14)

“The greatest contribution of our country to the entire world is our OFWs, because they sacrifice a lot; they choose to leave their families and work hard to provide for their family’s needs, and to help our country’s economic growth. We should all be proud of our OFWs, just like I am proud of my mom. She’s an OFW who’s working hard for us.”

 Paula Rich Bartolome (15)

 “The greatest contribution of our country to the world is showing others that we value family, and that we will do everything for them. Despite the many challenges that we go through, we stand tall and go on with our lives.”

Marvi Ann Razon De Lima (16)

“The greatest contribution of our country to the entire world is our people. We share and prove to other people that we are able to contribute something. We can sacrifice our own happiness and be away from our families just to work outside our country. It shows that we are willing to share our time and efforts for others.”

Brenna Cassandra Gamboa (17)

“The greatest contribution of my country to the world is the invention of the yo-yo. Who would’ve thought a wooden spool and string could feed families and then bring happiness to children and adults for generations to come?”

Christi Lynn “Ashley” Landrito McGarry (19)

“Apart from our delicious food and world-class beaches, I think our greatest contribution would definitely be what makes up the Philippines—our people. We have expanded our positive energy and hospitality beyond our borders with our many international Filipino communities, and  it is apparent that wherever we Filipinos may be, we spread happiness and work hard, and I know we will continue to do so for generations to come.”

Tanya Angelina Nicole Hyde (20) 

“Volunteerism when tragic events happen, such as floods and typhoons. They have good hearts that care, not just for their countrymen but for others, as well. They give not just money, but time, as well. Filipinos all over the world join hands to help people in need.”

Alaiza Flor Malinao (21) 

“The biggest contribution of my country to the world is its people, our human resources. Anywhere in the world, you can always find a Filipino worker. Yes, our people contribute to the economies of many countries in the world. Also, they don’t work solely for themselves—they treat their clients, workmates, and bosses as family.”

Anja Vanessa Peter (22) 

“The greatest contribution of my country to the entire world would be the people. Filipinos are very hospitable, family-oriented, resilient, hardworking and loving. We go to other countries and share our talents and skills with the rest of the world, which is highly appreciated. I can truly say that I’m proud to be a Filipina.”

Justine Beatrice Dallosa Felizarta (23) 

“The greatest contribution of the Philippines to the entire world is our people. We have shown the world how hardworking and hospitable we Filipinos are, especially with the example of the OFWs. Despite all the hardships we have faced as a country, we have managed to prove to everyone that we can still help one another and bring out the fundamental good.”

Rogelie Catacutan (25) 

“The greatest contribution of our country to the world is its people. Anywhere we go, we see countless Filipinos who make a difference in the lives of anyone they’ve touched. From a simple domestic helper to the CEO of multimillion-dollar companies, we see Filipinos who strive hard to achieve their dreams. We always leave a mark in the hearts and minds of the people we encounter, and that is our greatest contribution to the world.”

Anabel Christine Tia (26) 

“The greatest contribution of our country to the entire world is our people, especially the OFW. Every country you go, you always see a Filipino. The OFWs are the biggest assets we have  to make our country more progressive. To have a Filipino worker in every country is an advantage. Filipinos are very hardworking, hospitable, respectful and have the warmest smiles that could melt your heart. I say the OFW is our biggest investment.”

Ina Dominica Guerrero (27)  

 “The greatest contribution of my country to the entire world is the OFWs. My parents are also working outside the country as nurses. And almost all OFWs we hear about are caring, hardworking and loving. Through this we are able to help other people in the entire world in a way that we can all be proud of.”

Nancy Lee Leonard (29) 

“I think one of the greatest contributions of the Philippines to the entire world is its OFWs. All around the world, Filipinos are appreciated because of our hardworking skills and strong value of being hospitable.”

Patricia Lae Ejercitado (30) 

 “The greatest contribution of my country would be the Filipino workers/OFWs. Filipinos can be found in every corner of the world, with different expertise. To me this means that Filipinos are resilient and generally competitive in different fields, sharing their knowledge and skills with the world.”

Mia Allyson Hernandez Howell (31) 

“The Filipino people are the greatest contribution to the world, and I do not just mean in terms of numbers. People are the country’s number one export, with OFWs working in a variety of fields. Now only do our people support our economy and our families from abroad, but their ethnic and national pride give Filipinos the international recognition we deserve as a unified community.”

Danits Joan Ruazol (32) 

“For me, the greatest contribution of our county to the entire world is its people. We can see Filipino workers everywhere because they know that our countrymen are competent and excellent employees. We work with our hearts because we do it not only for ourselves, but mostly for our loved ones and family.”

Namrata Neesha Murjani (33) 

“The greatest contribution of our country to the entire world is our beloved overseas Filipino workers. Everywhere in the world you can always see Filipinos working hard for their families. We show to the world that we are willing to do anything for us to have a better life, even if it means being away from family.”

Teresita Ssen Wynwyn Marquez (34) 

“The greatest contribution of our country to the entire world would be the Filipino people. You would see Filipinos in different parts of the world not because they are on vacation, but to give a helping hand to other people. Filipinos are very driven and hardworking, so that even if they face challenges they still manage to smile and help those who are in need.”

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