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A restaurant worth multiple visits

There are restaurants that merit constant visits because of the quality of its food, the staff’s efficient service, and its ambiance.

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen (BF Homes, Las Piñas, tel. 5191977) is a restaurant that has attracted repeat customers through the years. It started small in an almost secluded area in BF Homes, where it built a regular clientele.

It has since expanded to a bigger place in Solenad (Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Santa Rosa, Laguna; tel. 49-3020752) where it usually serves a full-house crowd.

One Sunday evening this diner, a frequent visitor of Mama Lou’s, tried out its Solenad branch, to see if it has maintained the quality of its food and service.


Dining area: This is now spacious with enough room to move about. There are decorative frames on the walls, some of which are of typical table wines. An arc made of red bricks separates the bar from the dining area. There is a wine rack and a photo of a good-looking lady, who we presume is Mama Lou.

Service: Guests are immediately handed the thick menu folder which contains a wide selection of Italian dishes. The kitchen is efficient; orders come in quick succession.

Staff: The staff has an enthusiasm that is contagious, hence diners are readily put in a happy, excited mood.

Pizza, lasagna, risotto

Suggested orders: Since this is an Italian kitchen, ordering pizza is a must. Try the Pizza Bianca with mushrooms and bacon on very thin crust. Highly recommended is the Meat Lasagna; never mind the carbohydrates, it’s really good.

Then have another carbo dish, the Risotto Tartufo Fungi, rich but delicious with mushrooms and truffle oil. If there’s still space in the tummy, go for the Rollo di Pollo in Pesto Pomodoro sauce.

You can do some sort of a degustation with these dishes—share each while enjoying everything.

There are generous servings of bread with two types of dips.

Service and government taxes are added to the bill. Senior cards are honored.



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