The smart detour: How to escape Makati traffic | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


Earlier this year, one of Makati’s major roads, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, is reported to undergo a 2-year closure starting this June 2015 to make way for the construction of a PhP1.27 billion underpass which would allow vehicles to cross Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas without interruption. The project consists of a 4-lane underpass along the innermost lanes of Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue as well as a covered tunnel portion 570 meters long. This aims to address the traffic congestion problem within the Makati CBD and surrounding areas. Though planned with good intentions, this major project shall open other detours to pop up here and there that shall create an inevitable carmageddon: a state of traffic so extreme it feels like the world is about to collapse around you.

Picture this: the usual one and a half hour travel time home can hike up to three hours on the road. That’s gas, time, patience, and energy down the drain. Don’t forget the weather transitioning to the rainy season clogging streets, slowing down movement, and turning highways to parking spaces.

Sounds hopeless? We beg to disagree. One of the most logical solutions to escape carmageddon is to live within Makati itself. When your home is just a stone’s throw away to your workplace and everything essential, you get to maximize your quality of life. Gone are the days of constant worrying about the time needed to run errands, losing sleep, and endless compromising just to get hold of your day. What’s more, it’s also considered a wise investment as the traffic indicates business is booming.

Get the time off you deserve after a hard day’s work and ease up your traffic frustrations. Here are some more benefits of getting a place in Makati:


The city never sleeps. Need to have that coffee run for an upcoming all-nighter? This city has got you covered. As an active town that understands your needs, most establishments in the area recognizes this necessity by offering extended operating hours for those who’s working times differ from the usual 8-to-5.

Security is also one thing that the city takes pride in, even implementing a CCTV security program to ensure albeit the dark, one is still safe to roam around its streets.

Value for money is well-maximized. The value of your property lies primarily on its location. Whether you choose to live in it or rent it out, you are sure to get even more than what you paid for. The land and rental values of the city continue to increase with the progressive city developments evidently seen in the area. Smart property investing is one thing that comes with your unit, marking it as a win-win situation however you want to utilize your asset.


Everything is close by. Running errands has gone from being a chore to doing more. In Makati CBD, everything you need may be just a walk away: be it hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and other necessities. Choose from the wide array of retail establishments, concept restaurants, leisure spots, fitness clubs, and crowd favorites reinforcing any lifestyle you wish to achieve.

Less travel time. This one is a given but living near work means that you can cut your travel time less on the road and dedicate it to more important matters. Take control of your time and get more done in a day.


Easy to achieve work-life balance. With numerous spots and events to be spotted at side by side, you will never run out of things to do after work days and weekends. The city is diverse enough for urban adventurers to discover.

Get a good night’s sleep. Every night. Bid farewell to the chances of being late even if you wake up only an hour before your time-in. Be home right away instead of conquering floods: in forms of water, people, or cars. Reach that peace of mind you’ve always longed for.

If you don’t know where to start looking for the perfect unit, we suggest one of the most sought-after addresses in Makati City: Salcedo Village. Seize life in the middle of all urban action with Megaworld Makati’s Three Central. Its close proximity to the country’s top local and multinational corporations, embassies, and consulates brings together a diverse community of businessmen, executives, and expatriates – creating a sense of home amidst the corporate hustle.

Get the first-move advantage. The demand for residential spaces in Makati will soon increase as more people shall realize the value and convenience of saving time getting to and from their workplaces.

Traffic shouldn’t be in the list of your top stressors nor should it limit the things you can achieve. Make the smartest decision by securing a place in Makati today.