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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MICHAEL Cacnio-Federico Aguilar Alcuaz brass collaboration
MICHAEL Cacnio-Federico Aguilar Alcuaz brass collaboration
MICHAEL Cacnio-Federico Aguilar Alcuaz brass collaboration

POWER Plant Mall is holding the 2015 edition of its Focus on the Arts with Galerie Joaquin this July.

“Rockwell’s Focus on the Arts: Celebrating Filipino Art” will focus on the the last 50 years of Philippine art.

Works by National Artists BenCab, Arturo Luz, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz and Abdulmari Imao will be exhibited alongside other masters such as Presidential Medal of Merit Awardees Juvenal Sansó and Anita Magsaysay-Ho, as well as Eduardo Castrillo, Ramon Orlina, Justin Nuyda and Raul Isidro.

New contemporary practices are also featured with such artists as metal sculptor Ram Mallari, public art and installation artist Toym Imao, and naif artist Roel Obemio.

"ON AN Adventure," by Carlo Ongchangco
“ON AN Adventure,” by Carlo Ongchangco


July 10-16—At the North Court, “Whimsy” exhibit features the fun side of art, with works by Obemio, Toym and Sajid Imao, Ram Mallari, Carlo Ongchangco, Francis Nacion Jr., Roel Obemio, Anthony Palo, Kin Misa, Jomar Delluba and Migs Villanueva.

At the Basement Concourse, on display will be paintings showcasing the beauty of Philippine landscapes and seacapes by artists Caress Banson, Rudolf Gonzalez, Antonio Daleon and Karina Baluyut.

At the South Court, small sculptures by National Artist Imao, Castrillo and Orlina, as well as by Michael Cacnio.

"EMERALD Forest," by Ramon Orlina
“EMERALD Forest,” by Ramon Orlina

July 17-July 23—“Framed” is an innovative, never-before-seen collaborative exhibition by National Artist Aguilar Alcuaz, Cacnio, and Sanso, as well as by Dominic Rubio and Angel Cacnio.

A duo show at the South Court will feature new works by metal sculptor Ram Mallari and contemporary artist Jerry Morada.

"ROCKSTAR," by Ram Mallari
“ROCKSTAR,” by Ram Mallari

The weeks that follow will exhibit select works by National Artists BenCab and Luz, Magsaysay-Hoo, Nuyda, and Castrillo, as well as by contemporary artists Lena Cobangbang and Luis Balmes.

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