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Making family meals easy with Magnolia meats and ice creams

PITTSBURG, CaliforniaToday the demands on personal time have never been greater, and the perfect home-cooked meal romanticized from the 1950s isn’t feasible for most families anymore. Often, both parents are out working, and children’s extracurricular activities can impinge on mealtimes.

Ramar Foods family founders understood this fix. When newlyweds Maria and Ramon Quesada moved to California from the Philippines, they started a family business to feed their growing family of 11 children.

Fast-forward 40 years, and Ramar Foods is still family-owned and operated and makes Magnolia Prepared Meats and Magnolia Ice Cream with the best possible ingredients using time-tested family recipes. For over 40-years, Ramar has been innovating and creating new flavors with high-quality ingredients.

Magnolia prepared meat

Magnolia Prepared Meatslonganisa, tocino and beef tapa — are all great proteins for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Magnolia Hot Dogs are made with high quality pork hot dogs. Magnolia Ice Cream® is made with real California milk and fresh fruit purees and can be enjoyed without the guilt.

Magnolia’s tropical ice cream is available at select grocery stores across the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as throughout Canada in Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area.

Magnolia Ice Cream USA-2

Tropical flavors include: Avocado, Azuki Red Bean, Buko, Buko Pandan, Buko Salad, Cashew-Langka, Green Tea, Guava, Halo Halo, Langka, Macapuno, Macapuno Ube, Mango, Mais Queso, Taro, Thai Tea, Turon, Lychee, Ube, and Ube & Beans. Magnolia also produces single serve novelty milkbars in Azuki Red Bean, Halo Halo, Purple Yam & Red Bean, Coconut, Thai Tea, and Mango.

Ramar Foods takes the hard work out of meal preparation by providing fresh and authentic Filipino frozen entrees and desserts with their delicious Magnolia line.

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