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OCTOBER 27, 2022

FINNTASTIC! Jeremy Shada


FINNTASTIC! Jeremy Shada
FINNTASTIC! Jeremy Shada

At the Asiapop Comic Con press conference recently, the host teased that Jeremy Shada, the voice actor behind Finn (“Adventure Time”) would be calling with a special message. The whole thing turned out to be a bait and switch when Shada suddenly appeared onstage, who was later joined by his bandmates from Make Out Monday.


Shada is only one of many celebrity guests at the first ever Asiapop Comicon. The convention opened yesterday, but most of the activities are scheduled to happen on Sept 18-20.


Super caught up with Jeremy and learned these cool Finn facts about him.

FINN the Human


  1. He saves the “Adventure Time” quotes for the show and for comic-cons.


“I actually don’t use them in real life. I know whenever I say that, people go, ‘Why would you not? Because they’re awesome!’ I say them a lot when I’m at a comic-con because people say, like, ‘Oh, do the voice,’ and I’m like, ‘OK!’ and so my go-to stuff whenever I do a Finn voice is ‘Mathematical!’ or ‘What time is it?’ I say those a lot at cons, and I expect this weekend to say them about a bajillion times.


  1. He likes prank-calling people as Finn.


“You can’t not, if you have the ability to prank call with that voice and other voices like that, it’s the most fun thing in the world.”


  1. His favorite Marceline song is “Fry Song.”


“There’s a lot of good ones, that’s hard actually. I love ‘Daddy Why’d You Eat My Fries.’ It’s just hilarious and I got to do the beatboxing for it that was probably my favorite actually but I also like the I’m Just Your Problem song.”


  1. His favorite characters are Lumpy Space Princess and Ice King…and of course, Finn.


“Besides Finn, I’d say my favorite characters are probably LSP, who is re ally hilarious or the Ice King. I love the Ice King so much. Tom Kenny, who plays him, is just the funniest guy. The way he does that character is fantastic.”


  1. Jeremy does not have a real-life Jake.


“I do not have a dog. I’m a dog person definitely, I like dogs more than cats. And I really want a dog but the problem is I’m not home enough to where I can take care of him and it’d be super cold to just leave a dog at home all day. Maybe when I move out I might get a dog. If I get a dog I think I would have to name the dog Jake though.”


  1. If he could voice another character on the show, he would pick…


“Gunter because I would only have to say one word, that’s all I would have to say, that’d be awesome!”


  1. He has a lot of favorite cartoons.


“’Teen Titans’ is my favorite show growing up. I like ‘Bob’s Burgers,’ it’s really funny. ‘Gumballs’ is a really cute show, too. ’Phineas and Ferb’ for sure.”


  1. He owns “Finn” merchandise.


“I actually have an ‘Adventure Time’ guitar strap which is pretty cool. I used to have a Finn wallet but I stopped using it because I realized it was awkward whenever I’d pull it out and people would be like, ‘Oh man, that’s such a cool wallet, I love that show!’ And I’d be like, ’Yeah.’ So I like to be more incognito.”


  1. Sexy costume versions of characters creep him out.


“That’s a creepy thing, it’s so weird! They’ll make sexy characters like out of anything, they’ll make like Sexy Russell from ‘Up,’ and you’d be like, ’What?! Why??’”


  1. He gets asked weird questions a lot by fans.


“I think the weirdest one was at a panel when a guy asked me, ’What’s the greatest flatulation you’ve ever had and could you describe it?’ And I was like, “No, no, nope! Not gonna answer that.”

Catch Jeremy Shada and Make Out Monday on Sept. 19, 6:30 p.m. Shada’s “Adventure Time” panel will be on Sept. 20 at 12:30 p.m. Visit for schedule of events. Follow @AsiaPOPComicon on Twitter for updates.

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