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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Ten years after completing my basic and secondary education, I still encounter my teachers—great individuals who became part of my life and molded me to become the person I am today.


Teachers have become very dear to me, as they help me in various ways. I once experienced having a “Teacher Lola,” who made my life less worrisome, as I was spared from bullying. Then I had teachers who served as my second parents, teaching me values and offering advice in troubled times.


There was also the teacher whom many of us considered a buddy; terror teachers who strengthened our character; and those who served as life mentors, sharing their stories and making us see the bigger picture. As different as they were, these teachers had one thing in common: They made us learn something valuable.


Math teachers taught me more than numbers and operations. Through them, I learned to persevere in finding solutions to problems carefully, to exercise patience in handling circumstances. More importantly, I learned that giving up doesn’t solve anything.


Right attitude


Science teachers made me cram not just for formulas, chemicals and terminologies, but also to learn the right attitude, honesty in tabulating results, and the ability to predict the possible outcomes of my deeds.


From language teachers I mastered writing essays, poems and various works. But more than that, I also learned to express my creativity and my feelings freely.


Students perceive history as mainly about dates, past events and fallen heroes. But it also reminded me that we live in the best of times. Because of this, we learned to be content with what we have today and to look at the past for insights.


Values teachers instilled in us good moral conduct and manners. Through them, we learned to behave properly and absorb nuggets of wisdom that would help guide our journey to adulthood.


Music, Arts and Physical Education teachers taught us that school is not just a place to sit all day, but a venue to practice sportsmanship in group activities, and a place to learn appreciation of the finer things in life.


There was once a king who wanted to know who could be called the greatest. Three men competed for the title: a man who could heal; another who could build large temples and structures, and a third who knew the truth. Then a woman with white hair, tired eyes and humble clothes also came.


When the king asked who she was, the servant answered, “Their teacher.”

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