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OCTOBER 27, 2022


1. Microwave Oven


Microwave oven may be the best thing that happened to kitchens since sliced bread. Thanks to American engineer Percy Spencer for discovering microwave when it melted his candy bar he had in his pocket, we now have an almost ubiquitous household appliance that can heat/warm food for anyone in an instant. It’s cheaper, convenient, and doesn’t take up much space on the counter top of your condo unit. With students always slumped down on their computer or books studying endlessly for hours (we hope), they sometimes forget to do one of the most essential things humans must do to survive: eat. In the absence of a cooking stove, the microwave oven is your best ally. Since it can heat just about anything, hot water for coffee and instant noodles is now at your disposal for those late night paper drafting. Better yet, your microwave oven can just nuke down the frozen adobo you have stowed away inside your refrigerator, just in time for dinner. Speaking of refrigerators…

2. Personal Refrigerators


Cold water, Ice cubes, cold cuts, cheese, butter, packed food, leftover food, soda, beer—your personal refrigerator can pack just about anything you wish to eat and drink, as long as you know how to stack like a boss. Yes, ref stacking is an art. Personal refrigerators, like microwave ovens, offer convenience for busy students, without taking up too much space. You can basically just put it (again) on the counter top and you have cold water to drink anytime you want. Because in today’s searing city heat, who wouldn’t want to drink ice cold water? You can also keep food fresh, so anytime you’re hungry you can just heat them up inside the microwave oven (see number 1.).

3. Rice Cooker


Because you’re Pinoy, you know that meals without rice are just incomplete. And of course, your microwave oven has its limitations. Owning a rice cooker solves your problem of unli-rice anytime—all you need to learn now is how to cook every variety of rice available in the market, just in case you have no choice but to cook Basmati because Sinandomeng is not available in the supermarket. Bonus point: you can also cook pasta noodles in the rice cooker! Now you can bring home some of your mom’s awesome Pinoy-style pasta sauce and just binge on it anytime you want.

4. Iron + Ironing Board


Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you should be going to school with horrendously wrinkled clothes. Contrary to what your friends tell you, people actually notice when you don’t iron your clothes. Flatten out the creases of your wardrobe and you’ll feel a noticeable difference—you actually feel more confident in wrinkle-free clothes. Look at this chore as a training for when you’re ready to join the real world (read: corporate world) where looking pro is a must.

5. Wall Clock


Did you know that casinos deliberately do not use wall clocks on their gaming floors to keep players playing for longer periods because they’ve lost track of time? But you’re a student, and you’re not in a casino. Part of having self-discipline is to keep track of your time and your day-to-day schedule. It still helps to have a time-telling device that you can see anytime inside your unit to help you monitor your own activities, because you don’t always see the time when you’re busy doing other things on your phone or even on your computer. All you need to do is glance at the wall and know that you’re already running late for class. With that: good luck, student!


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