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OCTOBER 27, 2022


THE NEW Year has always been a celebration of hope, a chance to start fresh with resolutions.

These are either goals or promises an individual wants to achieve, or at least establish in the long run. If most resolutions never see the light of day, it’s probably because the people who made them weren’t keen on putting in the effort to make them happen in the first place. “If it was meant to be,” they rationalize, “it will be.”

Even if we have the liberty to map out our own pathways to reach our desires, we must still be organized and systematic.

Here are some ways to check things off our bucket list:

Distinguish your short-term goals from your long-term goals.

Short-term goals can sometimes be achieved in a day or so, while long-term goals require time and progress. Confuse them and you might not achieve a single goal by the end of the year.

Maximize your budget.

There will always be places worth going to and things we wish we could have. But we always have to be conscious of our spending. Save a fixed amount per week. Set aside money for emergencies, and know your needs from your wants.

Never lose yourself.

Changing yourself wholly isn’t the only way to reach your goals. Sometimes, all you have to do is try some things you’ve never done before.

Prepare your to-go playlist.

Our playlist says a lot about how we feel, and these can affect our mood for the day. Make sure your to-go playlist is filled with happy, motivational, upbeat and energizing songs.

Here are some suggestions:

“Fight Song,” Rachel Platten

“Life Sounds Like,” Michael Franti

“On Our Way,” The Royal Concept

“Comeback Kid,” Against the Current

“Moments Like This,” The Afters

Don’t dwell so much on popular opinions.

You have to accept that there will always be people who might frustrate your ambitions, for practical reasons or because your dreams seem impossible from their point of view. When in the company of a well-meaning friend who might try to discourage you, look into yourself. If your goal suits you and makes you feel gratified, go for it.

Keep in mind that you are never too old for adventures.

Embrace your inner child as you reach for the stars. Young people are said to be curious, unpredictable and foolish in a good way, and most of the time, these character traits lead to surprisingly good results. You may already have a fixed plan for yourself, but that shouldn’t restrain you from discovering something else worthwhile along the way.

Create your own fairy tale.

In the real world, happy endings usually require a lot of work. Learn to deviate from fantasies, and face the world and its adversities. Overcoming challenges is better than just sitting around, waiting for things to happen.

Get a magic mirror.

I remember someone telling me that if I wanted to become somebody, I should tell it to myself every single day. Look in the mirror and say whatever you need to say. We shouldn’t fear seeing ourselves as beginners or novices; instead, we should see ourselves as learners and dreamers.

Never be afraid to get attached to something.

It is hard to find something we’re passionate about, something that drives us to go and achieve it against all odds. People always say that attachments lead to pain and disappointment. But then again, mistakes and blunders, scars and scratches are enough to show that we’re trying—and learning.

See the silver lining in everything.

You always have something to be thankful for. When the sun goes down, take a break from your daily battles and seek solitude. Each experience has a lesson for us to ponder on. We have to learn to live with a positive attitude, for without it, the bad times would really be awful, and the times of triumph would go unnoticed.

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