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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Every day, being stuck in traffic is perhaps what every commuter and motorist hopes to avoid. With the fast paced increase of car ownership in Metro Manila alone, peaking a max of 2,101,148 registered vehicles in recent years based on LTO study, add the citizen-noted inability of some drivers to follow rules, traffic congestion has been recognized to have worsened compared with previous years. International news station CNN even reported a popular GPS-based navigation app’s research concluding Metro Manila as one of the cities with the “worst traffic on Earth” in 2015. But just what exactly is the impact of traffic in every commuter’s life?


The Philippine Statistics Authority reported about 37 million employed Filipinos from last year. Perhaps about half of this number work and travel through the main thoroughfares of the city to get to their workplace in Central Business Districts daily. On top of that, billions of students also rely on public transportation to get to school. Given today’s private and public institutions, tardiness takes away a huge chuck in one’s performance. A mere hour spent enduring traffic in EDSA alone could affect one’s job or study greatly. What’s worse is that when employees and students get stuck in gridlock, they feel stressed. A feeling which can also affect how they process their deliverable. It won’t take long before company owners and teachers see the effect of traffic jams to the economy.


Most companies in the Philippines allot 8-9 hours of work for every employee. Say, employees clock out at 5:00 PM to get home the fastest they can, it’s not a guarantee that they will arrive home right away. Given that this hour is what people consider as “rush hour” about 80% of Filipinos get jammed in traffic; reporting an average of two hours spent on the road before getting home. Only then can they get to do daily chores. If they’re not that tired upon arrival.


Some commuters these days experience a combo of tired muscles and mental stress during commute. Having to endure the thought of riding a bus or whether to get a bus at all in the next hour is just extra cognitive work for someone who has worked 9 hours or more. An article from The Huffington Post website even claims that commuters are likely to be “anxious, dissatisfied and feel meaningless” due to the hours they spend outside. This results to an over-all tiredness or fatigue.

How to escape the stress from traffic congestion?

So just how could workers and students escape the stress from traffic congestion in the city? The answer could be a lot of things but generally, it should start from an overall change in lifestyle. It would be best if the government continues to implement more traffic-alleviating rules and adapt more effective transportation system. But as we wait for these projects, we could begin with ourselves. Research on possible alternative routes and wake up early. Jams typically begin from 6:30 AM. So commuters must make an effort to try to be on the road before that. The success rate for doing this habit is 99%. For business owners who don’t have fixed time schedule, they could adapt the habit of leaving the house an hour earlier to get to appointments on time. But one sure way of beating traffic, becoming an achiever in work and in school, feeling relaxed and having a balanced lifestyle is simply when people decide to move closer to everywhere they need to be. And it’s during these times, when real estate developers rampantly build high-end developments at the most accessible locations in Metro Manila, that it’s best for people to invest in closer homes for more time management and healthier disposition.

Top real estate developer, Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. understands the struggle that every student and working professionals have to go through when commuting. Thus, the company presents transit-oriented developments in Makati and Mandaluyong City namely the San Lorenzo Place and Pioneer Woodlands respectively. Both are physically connected to one of the country’s main railway transit at Magallanes station and Boni stations. This main feature gives you the convenience of transportation as well as serve as a haven in the middle of the city. These developments are packed with recreational amenities such as a 25m lap swimming pool, wading pool, paved sunbathing deck, Jacuzzi, playground for kids, a jogging path, fitness gym and a clubhouse.

No one has to feel down because of traffic congestion. What people must do is try to get over it by being more in control of their lifestyles.

Empire East offers more pre-selling residential developments at affordable terms of payment. To know more, call 810-3333 or follow the discussions on, and


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