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OCTOBER 27, 2022

When women become mothers, they enter a transitory period, which makes them become more responsible, sensitive, mature and selfless. No matter how carefree they once have been, all new moms could attest to the fact that motherhood changes them and surprises them in many ways – allowing them to realize that they’re actually capable of loving another person more than themselves.


Being a mom means having lots of transitory milestones – especially when taking care of a newborn. Babies are truly bundles of joy for every family. And as much as parents want to keep their babies all snuggled up in their arms, truth is, they grow up too fast. Pretty soon, after a year or two they’d realize that their once babbling, crying bub is now a playing, talking and running toddler! Toddler years are tiring but definitely fun. And people must learn that before they suddenly realize that it’s over because the kids have grown up, there are some things they could do to make the most out of their child’s toddler years!


1. Take photos

In order for every parent to fully enjoy the growing up years of their child, they must learn to take it easy and cherish every little thing that happens as they grow. Today, we’re blessed to have modern gadgets that allow capturing great photos and videos of our little ones! These serve as great mementos of their lives while young. We don’t need to share them to the web or to other people. It could be just for the purpose of keeping private memories of the first time they walked or the first time they ate table food.


2. Make weekend plans

We get it that there are some things you have to be every day. Whether it be work or business, we must learn to not be too much caught up with it that we forget to tuck our kids at night. As much as possible, strive to be the one he or she talks with every night by reading him a book or simply talking about your day. Or if that’s not possible, allot the weekends to your special family bonding. It could be as simple as going to the nearby park, the mall or a beach getaway in the outskirts of the city.


3. Schedule play dates


Nothing beats seeing one’s own child happily interacting with fellow friends! You probably know lots of your own friends who also have kids with the same age as yours. It’s time to rekindle bonds! It may be good for both you and your child. Studies show that it is during these years that children develop social skills. So it’s a great idea when we want them to grow friendly and confident.


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