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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any residential space no matter how small or big that space is. It’s no different inside condominiums, where the kitchen plays a key role in how its residents will live out a happy, nourished life—because a good kitchen space with good tools can make a good chef out of everyone.

Apart from the basic pots, pans, and syanse that you should already be having (because how else are you going to cook Adobo if you only have plates?), here are five kitchen essentials to have so you can finally do away with reheating pizza over and over again!

1. A really, REALLY good knife


Inside the confines of your unit, you are the warrior, and your knife is the sword you use to overcome challenges. In the kitchen space, a good knife should be your greatest tool, good enough to slice through your day to day ingredients, and good enough that, should the day come when you inadvertently lose your can opener, your knife can pierce and slice through metal for you to still enjoy processed meat.

2. Aluminum panels for your kitchen stove


While condo units may come equipped with kitchen air vents that suck out smoke when you cook, what it doesn’t do is suck out nasty oil splatters that come with frying. Buy aluminum panels and place it beneath your kitchen stove for that extra layer of oil protection, so you can always keep your kitchen walls pristine. And they’re cheap, too! You can usually get them from Japanese dime stores in malls.

3. Electric kettle (alongside a coffee dripper)

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An electric kettle can take care of the hot water you need for your day-to-day food and dining predicament, such as preparing your instant breakfast oatmeal, sterilizing utensils before using them, or preparing your piping hot cup of coffee to start your morning right. A coffee dripper is an added bonus if you regularly want brewed coffee minus the hassle of having to own a percolator, which contributes to electric consumption, and eats up kitchen space due to its bulky nature. Coffee drippers are just as convenient as coffee makers.

4. A handy kitchen mixer


You’ll never know the importance of a kitchen mixer until you crave for something microwave-baked after watching too many Tasty videos on your Facebook feed. Get a handy kitchen mixer so anytime you start drooling for dough-based gastronomic happiness, you are ready to whip them out like a boss. Kitchen mixers are also helpful for preparing soup-based dishes and other healthy chows.

5. A set of sturdy measuring spoons


Too salty, too sweet, too spicy. Cooking mistakes happen a lot, and most of these blunders occur because of wrong calculations made on ingredients. Estimation is only good when you actually know how to estimate, but until you can figure out how many teaspoons there are in three tablespoons, then you are best left to using measuring spoons. Download conversion apps as well to help you guide with volume conversions.


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