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OCTOBER 27, 2022


When you travel to another country, it’s a lot easier to drop the mask you’ve been wearing and let your real personality show. This can be an interesting way to discover your true self and any interests or hobbies you would have never expected of yourself.


Here, we list a simple guide for some of the most prominent personality types. Can you find out what kind of traveler you are?


The Party Seeker


The party seeker is someone who loves the thrill of going to places where festivities and events are happening. From indie concerts to worldwide clubbing (or any big, globally renowned festival, really), Party Seekers will find the means to attend any out-of-the-country shindig that appeals to them. A night of dancing, drinking and celebrating in a foreign land is just as good as any big adventure for these travelers.


The Nature Lover


Nature Lovers are people who love immersing themselves in the bounty of Mother Nature. When you find them lounging on a gorgeous beach or walking across a temple surrounded by a thick jungle, you know they’re in their element and enjoying every moment of it. When traveling with them, expect your itineraries to include places a little far from the city with a natural wonder or two. Nothing makes these people feel better than enjoying the beauty and serenity of nature.


The Meticulous Planner


To the Meticulous Planner, having no planned itinerary is an unthinkable concept. For every journey the Meticulous Planner takes, a careful and concise schedule is always prepared even before setting foot outside the house. Sure, things don’t always go according to plan. But with the Meticulous Planner’s time and destinations all planned out, it’s this travel tactician that makes the most out of a limited vacation time.


The Photo Bug


Never far from a camera bag or smartphone, the Photo Bug is the kind of person you’ll see crouched on the concrete taking a photo of a sleeping dog in a holy temple. When he visits another country, he wants memories forever immortalized on a digital photograph. When you travel with a Photo Bug, you’re sure to find yourself dealing with sensitive camera equipment, multiple social media photo posts, DSLR’s and lots of impromptu photo shoots.


The Curious


Ever met somebody who isn’t afraid of trying anything, no matter how gross or dangerous it may seem? That person may be a Curious Traveler. This kind of traveler loves to explore and experience things that most other people wouldn’t dare to try. That scary new ride at that Singaporean amusement park? She’s gother ticket on hand. The super-spicy of Sichuan cuisine? She’ll want a bowl in a hurry. Even though curiosity can lead to trouble, this traveler type can learn a lot more about the world than any reserved tourist ever could.


The Unstoppable Duo


Whether they’re lovers or just amazing friends, the Unstoppable Duo are rarely seen apart and usually conquer the unknown together. From sharing a room, eating together and finding adventures that accommodate two people, they generally get along but can have a competitive streak between them when the occasion arises. These two will always discuss plans and try to make a compromise with the other when it comes to destinations to visit to or places to eat.


The Soul Searcher


Soul Searchers are so jaded they seek entertainment and answers from new and exciting places. They are either students or office workers who hope to find themselves during a sensitive time in their lives. It may seem like they’re just escaping responsibilities, but they hope that the journey across the oceans will help lead them to their true calling.


It can be an exciting prospect to find out a little more about yourself. The next time you go outside the country, take note of your quirks and actions and discover just what kind of traveler you actually are.


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