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OCTOBER 27, 2022


You’ve had good vacations, right? Those vacations that are so fun and exhilarating that you feel well and satisfied from the moment you get to the destination until your arrival back at home. But what if you could do little things here and there to make an awesome vacation a whole lot better?


This article aims to help you make each and every travel experience just a little better than it already is, with small tips and a little advice to improve on a great travel experience:


  1. Keep Track of Your Baggage


Not keeping track of the total number or the contents of your luggage can make things a little difficult when checking in at the airport; so make sure you know what goes where and what’s inside what. Also check with your travel agency or the airline website to see how much you’re actually allowed to carry with you. It’ll make things a lot easier for you, the person at the counter and the people lining up right behind you. No headaches, problems and extra fees just because you checked the baggage details beforehand.


  1. Leave Earlier Than Usual


It may seem troublesome and a little undesirable to leave 3-4 hours before your flight time, but you’ll find that this is a wise investment, especially if you’re planning to fly during the holidays or on days with large events happening. Just pack some filling sandwiches and take your favorite book/computer/mp3 player/notebook and while your time away at the airport. You’ll be able to snag a comfortable sitting spot sooner or later as the next wave of passengers start boarding their flights.


  1. Do Things in Moderation


It can be exciting and energizing to travel around the world, but check yourself and don’t do more than you think you can handle. Don’t stay too late during the night to catch up on your sightseeing. Don’t eat too much food during your travel. Don’t line up for an attraction if the collection of people measure several miles long. Making sure you don’t exhaust yourself during an awesome trip means you’ll be able to enjoy it a whole lot more. Don’t forget that a little pre-travel planning can go a long way too.


  1. Be an Adventurous Soul


Don’t be afraid to try new things. New types of transportation. New food. New experiences. The reason why you wanted to travel is to find something different from your daily routine. Get out there and live as the locals do. Immerse yourself in the culture so that you have something to tell the folks back at home. “You only live once” may be a played out quote, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a shred of truth to it.


  1. Pick Great Souvenirs


You may be tempted to buy a miniature Eiffel Tower in France or a pair of clogs while in Holland, but those souvenirs can be tacky and will just clutter your home. Think carefully about what kind of souvenir you’re thinking of getting instead of just grabbing each and every little trinket that comes your way. Don’t buy the first thing that comes your way and instead canvas the prices and quality of souvenirs from different stores so that you can pick the best one for you.


Keep these little tips in mind and you’re sure to improve your vacation experience little by little. A little improvement can go a long way.



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