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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Love Begins at Home

Such is the belief shared by many who grew up in homes that gave them the privilege and opportunity to experience love in its many forms. An institution where one is given care and made to feel unconditional love, a home often plays a key role in defining one’s character and future.

Thus, it pays to grow up in a home where affection, warmth and unselfish love can be had. Love helps one to remain focused and driven to make the most out of his life and become a better individual. And as such, it is crucial for one to be in a place where love remains at the core of what the developer does and offers to its residents.

And helping hardworking Filipinos find this kind of a sanctuary is trusted property developer Empire East Land Holdings Inc.

For more than two decades now, Empire East has been continuously creating spaces where love can thrive, knowing all too well that in doing so, the company is able to provide its residents an avenue to live a life full of zest, warmth, and endearment.

For Empire East, here are some of the things that love will help you do, achieve, and enjoy.


Love allows one to make better choices

When guided by love, an individual often learns to make better choices. Without love, one may settle for things that may not even be half of what they truly deserve.

Say for instance in choosing a first home investment. Love for one’s family and appreciation for one’s handwork is crucial in choosing a home as this will guide you to acquire a home that you and your loved ones truly deserve.

And it is this same kind of love that would allow you to choose and settle for a prime investment such as the six-tower residential community Pioneer Woodlands.

Strategically located along Pioneer St. cor. Edsa in Mandaluyong City, this development would give individuals the perfect venue to share love and create lasting memories with their families. Having direct access to Boni Ave. station of the MRT-3, Pioneer Woodlands affords one the comfort of being at the center of everything they need to live and enjoy a comfortable and blissful life. With an array of shopping malls, restaurants and go-to place within close proximity to Pioneer Woodlands, future homeowners can likewise look forward to a convenient and exciting life.


Love rewards one with greater opportunities

Love has the power to reward an individual with greater opportunities in life. And this is what Empire East is giving individuals who work doubly hard to provide their families and loved ones with a life that they rightfully deserve.

Through its San Lorenzo Place development, the company provides those who love unconditionally with the great opportunity to raise their family in a truly safe, secure and decent environment.

A four-tower residential community located along Chino Roces Ave. cor. Edsa in Makati, San Lorenzo Place rewards one with the opportunity to live right next to their place of work or to where the action really is. And since Makati City serves as home to some of the country’s biggest mult-national companies and businesses, one is also given the privilege to be right within the circle of financial success.

San Lorenzo Place is also directly connected to the Magallanes Station of MRT-3, thus providing one with more options to move through the city and enjoy its many surprises.


Love leads to epic stories

In many epic stories, love often plays a key role. Thus, choosing a home that would allow you and your family members to grow and live in love is extremely crucial—a home where deserving individuals can draw and create truly epic and memorable stories. And this is what Empire East had in mind when it launched one of its latest prime developments, the Mango Tree Residences. Set among the beauty of nature, Empire East’s latest development is reminiscent of the old world charm that is carefully and seamlessly merge to present day modernity.


With fully-grown mango trees in your backyard and lush landscaping as your background at the Mango Tree Residences, you’re definitely in for some nostalgic if not completely epic adventure. Located along M. Paterno St. in San Juan City, the two-tower community not only provides the perfect setting for that truly epic journey but also offers unique facilities such as the al fresco lounge, swimming pool, fitness gyms and yoga stations that are sure to pump you up.


Love enables one to make room for everything

Making room for everything is just one of the things that love often teaches an individual to do. And Empire East could not agree more as the company believes that there should always be enough room for an individual to fully experience life and its innate beauty. Having enough room to create, keep and store all the good memories is a must for every individual and thus it pays to be in a place that would allow them to do as such. And Empire East’s The Rochester along Elisco Road in San Joaquin Pasig City may just be the prefect place for them.

Known for its romantic Mediterranean theme, the 11-tower residential development has more than enough room for an individual to create and cultivate feelings of affection for family and friends. Meanwhile, The Rochester’s facilities such as game room, function room, clubhouse and sports courts for basketball and tennis are sure to enhance the life of all its residents thus giving it more value and meaning.


Love allows one to always learn something new

Love sets the tone for an individual to learn new things. With love, one is driven to constantly improve and become an even better version of himself. The language of love allows an individual to better understand and appreciate life’s lessons.

This is the same kind of love that Empire East’s Little Baguio Terraces development is set to bring future residents. Strategically located along N. Domingo Street in San Juan City, the four-tower address provides individuals an even better access to new learnings as it is only a few kilometres away from the country’s famed university belt via the LRT 2.

Guaranteed to provide quick access to some of the best universities and top level education, the property is also conveniently situated in between two LRT 2 stations along Aurora Boulevard, namely Gilmore and J. Ruiz.

Having such easy and convenient access to prime educational institutions, the Little Baguio Terraces is definitely the best place to learn and play.


Love pushes one to shape up

Love often encourages an individual to shape up and remain in tiptop condition. Indeed, one’s quality of life is often defined by the kind discipline he or she follows and as such, it pays to always keep in check the kind of lifestyle he or she leads.

While it is often tempting to indulge to life’s so-called little pleasures, one must keep in mind the need to remain in shape and to follow a healthy routine for the benefit of their loved ones.

Understanding the importance of advocating a healthy lifestyle, Empire East through its Covent Garden, have incorporated amenities and features that could aid future homeowners towards their journey to wellness. The said development is equipped with fitness facilities like gyms, swimming pools and jogging trail that could help individuals to better achieve their goals and one that would allow them to retain that perfect shape.



Love allows for fun and play time

Love brings fun and add color to one’s life. And this is the exact same feeling that Empire East, through its Kasara Urban Resort Residences, promises to bring to residents.

A resort-inspired development, the six-tower residential community along Eagle St. in Pasig City provides the perfect setting for ultimate fun and playtime among residents.

As a true vacation home, Kasara Urban residents are guaranteed to have unmatched fun and enough time for play as the development is equipped with facilities such as a glistening lake-inspired pool, wooden trellises, glass-walled clubhouse, poolside bar, koi ponds fountains, wooden viewdeck and a trickling waterfall, that would surely set the mood for that much coveted break.


Here, every homeowner can look forward to a truly relaxing and comfortable life, one that is reminiscent of that laid-back lifestyle that you used to enjoy when you were just a kid. Empire East is the developer of modern residential developments at the most strategic locations in Metro Manila. Currently, they are campaigning for a chance for everyone to take that step towards change. Start your life anew. Change begins at home. Share the things you want to improve in your life by using the official hashtag #NewHomeNewLife. Join the discussion on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ADVT.

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