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OCTOBER 27, 2022


By now, you’ve probably heard of the recent craze that is sweeping the world: Pokemon GO. This addictive monster collection game from Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Niantic has people all over moving around and about looking for these unique creatures.


You might be telling yourself that the game is pretty ridiculous. After all, there are crazy stories about players appearing in the most unlikely places and people swarming a single locale for a chance at a rare Pokemon. But despite all the ridiculousness, there are great things this app has brought about:


  1. Out in the Wild


Or, more realistically, out of your couch. With computer speeds and Internet connections, nearly everything can be done with the click of a button. This has resulted in a lot of people leading couch potato lives. Ever since the release of Pokemon GO, though, people have got off their seats and out of the house to look for these interesting little monsters. Now you can see homebodies up and about in the sunshine and fresh air (or cloudy days if they can’t handle the sun).


  1. Made for Walking


In the Pokemon games, you have to walk (or ride a bike) a certain number of steps to hatch eggs. GO recreates this experience by actually counting the distance you walk in order to hatch eggs you find at pokestops. This gives people an incentive to move their bodies. In a sense, it gives people a reason to actually walk around, which helps with combatting gaining weight easily. Somebody claims to have lost 7 lbs. through walking and trying to “catch em all.”


  1. Spirit of Exploration


If you’re not well informed on the game, pokestops are stores, monuments or interesting attractions on the map that can give you items if you interact with them. It can be interesting to see what kinds of attractions are designated pokestops. You might see a mural you never noticed before or a cafe hidden away on a quiet street. It’s like region-wide sightseeing and game rolled in one. It’s a great way for you to notice and appreciate these often ignored sights.


  1. Meeting Trainers


With so many Pokemon-crazy smartphone owners out there, you’re bound to be asked what you’ve caught so far once they see your avatar walking around the screen. Social media have been exploding recently with tweets, pictures and video posts of large gatherings in parks, malls and other places, discussing captures and types. Face to face human interaction can be pretty scarce these days, so this is a welcome change from texts and emojis.


  1. Catching Good Vibes

Another Internet claim is that Pokemon GO has helped people combat depression and anxiety by giving them a reason to get out of their lonely rooms and see the world. While not necessarily the cure people have been looking for, getting a depressed individual outside for a walk and to interact with other human beings can be a big step to help them learn to cope with their feelings once again. The app helps people by making them want to GO out into the lively world outside their doors.


Give the game a try yourself. It’s simple and easy to just pick up and play. Who knows when you might enjoy taking a walk and talking to friendly folk while looking for that elusive Pikachu.





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