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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The 11th Edition of the Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner continues its mission to empower and

inspire today’s renaissance women so they can achieve their goals, their dreams, and make a

difference in their community, all in great style.

Entitled, “Trust Your Heart to Overcome the Waves,” the 2017 BDJ Power Planner reminds its users, or Bellas as they’re called, that they can do it all and come out on top, as long as they trust their hearts. Like waves, challenges come and go, as do successes, but as long as one’s heart stays true to its course, everything will be just fine in the end.

Designed for Bellas who need to balance a million things, the BDJ Power Planner has weekly affirmations, informative editorials and special worksheets that all work together so a Bella can achieve a sense of self-fulfillment at the end of the day. What’s more, a BDJ Lifestyle Card and over Php40,000 worth of discount coupons from partner brands are included in a separate, Perks of a Bella, booklet so any Bella can shop, dine, and reward themselves to her heart’s content!

Since the planner is also a time-management tool, its layout is versatile for different kinds of Bellas who are time-specific users, free-space users, or high-visual users who need the set of BDJ stickers included to get things done. A Bella can also get things done and visualize her dreams thanks to the special worksheets or pages inside, such as the Dream Board, Ikigai, Attitude of Gratitude, Happiness List, BDJ Inspires, and 2017 Goals and Checklist.

Each planner, be it smyth-sewn (Php598), spiral (Php598), limited edition (Php598), or leather (Php680), can be customized with a Bella’s name on the front. All versions also come fully equipped with a set of witty, colorful BDJ stickers, ribbon bookmarks, and an expandable back pocket that holds the Perks of a Bella coupon booklet.

Navi: Your Life Navigator Journal

Surreal destinations beckon all users of the 2017 Navi: Your Life Navigator! As Viviamo!, Inc.’s journal for the modern-day explorer, Navi is the perfect companion for those who see life as one big, great adventure.

This year’s theme, Surreal Destinations, encourages Navi users to open their minds to places they never thought existed. Vivid images and descriptions of such places are included in the journal’s monthly dividers, which allow users to believe that there are countless wonders in the world waiting to be part of one’s travel bucket list.

Besides a showcase of these must-see destinations for 2017, the journal reminds its users to never limit themselves to what is easily available in sight. They’re allowed, even encouraged, to step outside their comfort zone with regard to life’s adventures. The special pages inside do the trick. These worksheets, such as Backyard Excursions, Goals and Bucket Lists, Pre-Trip Checklist and Travel Guides, provide mental workouts for users so their respective plans and adventures can be visualized and carefully planned for.

This planning is put to good use, too, with the journal’s white spaces and wide, horizontal layout of its weekly pages. With 176 full-color pages, bound by an intricately-designed matte laminate hard cover, the 2017 Navi Journal is affordably priced at Php598 and offers over Php25,000 worth of discount coupons from partner brands in the Travel Curious coupon booklet.

Everything is Possible

Who wouldn’t want to reach her goals and leave a legacy in the most organized way?

In its 4th year in the market, the 2017 Everything is Possible (EIP) Planner continues to help its users determine their goals and stay headstrong in their focus to accomplish these one step at a time. Since it takes its cue from “leave a legacy,” the EIP Planner challenges its users to LIVE their legacy right now. This simple, yet powerful, reminder helps EIP users visualize their future, determine the purpose of their goals, and discover the true reason behind every aspiration.

This year’s edition, affordably priced at Php598, features 192 full-color pages, a matte laminated hard cover, and an expandable back pocket. In addition to these physical features, the planner comes with monthly dividers that have memorable quotes surrounded by eye-catching geometric shapes, and special pages, such as Vision Board, Timeline of Goals, Priority List, and Positive Reinforcements, that teach users how to simplify their lives. This mindset then propels users to be more mindful of their goals so they can truly envision that everything is possible.


Focus Journal

For its sophomore edition, the 2017 Focus Journal is still Viviamo!, Inc.’s most minimalist-looking planner thus far. It has been designed this way for a purpose: to help users eliminate internal and external noise in order to zero in on what’s important.

This design is complemented by clean, straight-to-the-point 176 pages and monthly dividers that highlight power words. These power words are presented creatively in a playful manner and described succinctly in order to elicit a positive reaction from the journal user. This positive response is important because the Focus Journal encourages meaningful reflections and real-life applications of the power words. There are also special pages, like the Monthly Check-up and Year-End Workbook, that support these reflections and mindfulness further.

For only Php450, the 2017 Focus Journal, at 5.6 x 7.9 inches and a Kraft hard cover plus an expandable back pocket, may be minimalist in design, but its message is loud and clear: A well- focused mind can achieve great things.


Quest Journal

The Quest Journal, just like its durable leather cover, is flexible when it comes to its many uses. It comes with two notepads, one with ruled pages and the other with dotted pages, that are refillable, at Php100 each, and interchangeable. This set-up allows users to maximize the journal’s multi-functional design either for bullet journaling or travel journaling.

Another handy product feature includes a vinyl zippered pouch, with small pockets, for business cards, photos, receipts and a few documents. The elastic cord that wraps around the soft leather cover keeps everything inside snug, safe, and in place.

Sized at 4.25 x 7.80 inches, the Quest Journal is portable and perfect for on-the-go journaling and country hopping. At Php680, it’s available in its original colors, Cool Taupe and Talc Pink, and NEW colors, Bronze and Teal.

BDJ Daybook: Expense, Travel, and Fitness

A new convenient tool from Viviamo!, Inc., the BDJ Daybook, and its 3 versions, Expense, Travel and Fitness, serve as handy reminders for users to log their expenses, travel checklists, and fitness plans on a daily basis.

Special pages, worksheets, and motivational quotes also give the Daybook users the mental workout and push they need to accomplish their daily tasks. Best of all, each version is chock-full of ideas and nifty life hacks on how to budget your hard-earned cash, how to make the most out of any trip, and how to stick to a fitness regimen that works for you.

Colorful and portable, the BDJ Daybook, priced at Php280 per version, comes in three shades: Green, orange, and purple.

Productivity Tracker: Get Things Done! PhP300

Write things down to get things done! The latest offering from Viviamo!, Inc., the Productivity Tracker, amplifies this adage further with its 3-step process: 1) Prioritize; 2) Gauge; and 3) Evaluate.

These steps, captured in a weekly workbook format, aim to boost the user’s productivity. With the first step, prioritize, you plan out your week’s work within your capacity and bandwidth. Under the second step, gauge, you match your skills and capabilities with the amount of time needed for each priority. For the last step, evaluate, you assess the results against your own strengths and weaknesses, to determine what works, and what doesn’t, for next week’s tasks.

For the price of Php???, the power of writing things down and getting things done is packaged nicely in this novel Productivity Tracker: Get Things Done!

Petit Planner

Colorful and convenient, the 2017 Petit Planner is a follow-up to last year’s popular pint-sized version of the BDJ Power Planner.

Still with BDJ’s Wave concept, this smaller planner, which is entitled “Overcome the Waves,” includes compact special pages and a calendar layout with enough space for quick notes, thoughts and ideas. Perfect for on-the-go moments, the lightweight Petit Planner also comes with a zippered pocket that acts as your secondary wallet.  Best of all, this planner won’t break the bank since it only costs Php320!

Calendar Pad – Php250

Desk calendars are usually ubiquitous, big, bulky and mundane, but Viviamo!, Inc.’s latest undated Calendar Pad is anything but boring! Pretty to look at, the Calendar Pad features tear- off sheets and an overall clean design with an inspiring message.

It’s also versatile because users can place the dates on any corner and work from left to right, for a monthly glance. For a weekly view, users can list their tasks on the boxes from top to bottom and include the time. All this and more for just Php250!

Habit Pad –  Php200

When does a habit become second nature? You can find out with the new Habit Pad from

Viviamo!, Inc. for only Php200!

On this pad, users can list down habits they would like to cultivate and develop over time. The at-a-glance progress gives users an excuse to reward themselves along the way. More importantly, by tracking the positive changes, progress and rewards, users are more likely to stick to these new healthy habits and reach their goals sooner than later.

Relationship Slambook for Tweens: Switcheroo – Php450

Throwbacks and flashbacks are the norm nowadays, so if you’re looking for something nostalgic to give as a gift to tweens, the Switcheroo: Relationship Slambook, at Php450, is a sweet deal!

Jam-packed with cute activities and worksheets that young friends can complete together, Switcheroo strengthens the bond of any friendship. Buddies get to discover more about each other in fun and adventurous ways. The quirky messaging and positive tone of this slambook also allow friends to reveal secrets and share new truths without fear of judgment.

Only good vibes, fun times, and amazing memories abound in this one-of-a-kind Switcheroo: Relationship Slambook for Tweens! ADVT

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