Cebu Pacific to serve small-bottle wines from France   | Inquirer Lifestyle
1Rouge (left) and 1Blanc
1Rouge (left) and 1Blanc

Cebu Pacific to serve small-bottle wines from France  

1Rouge (left) and 1Blanc
1Rouge (left) and 1Blanc

Paul Sapin, the wine specialist for small-bottle wines served in leading airlines worldwide, introduces a fine wine selection onboard Cebu Pacific Air’s flights—an accessible luxury expected to pack a punch in taste and quality.

Its 1Wine range features 1ROUGE, a well-rounded Merlot, and 1BLANC, a fresh andcrispy Sauvignon Blanc, to be paired with any meal of choice onboard CebuPac flights.

The red and white wines hail from Southern France and are vetted by airlines such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Continental Airlines, Japan Airlines, Thai Airways, and United Airlines.

A ready-to-enjoy treat, the 1WINE range provides a unique innovation: the wine glass is nestled atop every 187-milliliter bottle, a handy feature that allows the drinker to savor the wine’s smell and even promotes the special Filipino trait of sharing.

The bottle, while ideal for single meals, is resealable for later consumption and is composed of lightweight, shatterproof, and 100 percent recyclable PET packaging.

The partnership between Paul Sapin and Cebu Pacific was more than a year in the making, involving numerous wine tasting to select and deliver only the best.

“The wines’ taste won the whole Cebu Pacific team over, but price played a major part in their decision-making. They sought out wines that taste good and yet offer good value for money to their passengers at the same time,” says Marilou Mendoza, managing director of NMARL International, the exclusive Philippine distributor of Paul Sapin.

Reasonably priced at P250 onboard, every 1Wine contains 12 to 13 percent alcohol content, which is typically found in 750 ml bottles.

Due to their size and packaging, these small wines are always served fresh, allowing customers to open the resealable container on their own.

Frank Chandelier, Asia brand manager of Paul Sapin, flew to Manila this month to conduct a specialized wine seminar to empower the CebuPac team in the fine art of wine.

Attended by the airline’s top management led by Apple Ignacio and Jem Calungcaguin and key personnel, the two-hour session expanded on the brand’s profile, appropriate food pairings, and the unwritten rules of wine, and was punctuated by a delicate but very fun wine tasting.

Wines are a staple in every airline around the world for a reason. Now with its food paired with choice Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc, Cebu Pacific customers can  look forward to an enriched flying experience.

1Wine will be introduced in the airline’s international flights this November.

Founded in southern Burgundy in France in 1889, Paul Sapin is a leading merchant of fine-quality wines in small containers.

It sources from topnotch vineyards with the best terroirs in France and countries around the world, and harnesses the best production areas on four continents.