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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Paris is one of the most popular cities for couples. But what stands as the symbol of this romantic city? The tall and bright Eiffel Tower, of course! The most iconic of monuments across the world, this 324-meter tower is a signature structure that stands as the country’s symbol. But what can you actually find there?


The Eiffel Tower consists of three floors, the same height as an 81-storey building. Looking at it from a distance can be satisfying, but nothing beats the feeling when you finally get inside this famous landmark:




Immersion show


Located at the Ferrié Pavilion, the immersion show is your first step into the wonderful and breathtaking world of the Eiffel Tower. A transparent floor gives you a strange feeling of floating above the ground. Worried you might fumble on such a smooth surface? A non-slip treatment has been applied to the floor so everyone can walk without worry.


Cultural path


Are you thirsty for more information about the Eiffel Tower? Then, you’ll love the cultural path on the first floor that learned tourists definitely enjoy exploring. You’ll find touch screens displays that will show you the multiple aspects of Paris’ symbol.


Areas for relaxation


Getting tired of touring around? Rest for a while at the areas designated for relaxation. You’ll feel energized after checking out the breathtaking view om the tower. You can also find shops and restaurants where you can have a quick meal.




Jules Verne Restaurant


Modern French cuisine is what the Jules Verne Restaurant serves visiting guests. Their dishes are perfectly portioned for sharing between you and the person most special to you. Its classic interior and calming ambiance sets the mood for a wonderful dining experience.




Champagne bar


After a satisfying second floor exploration, enjoy a glass of champagne at the Champagne Bar found on the top level of the tower. Have a romantic toast while overlooking the beauty of the romantic city of Paris.


Panoramic maps


Want a fun and interactive way to locate the sights across Paris? With the panoramic maps located at various points on the top level, you can find out your location and how far you are from the major sites.


Gustave Eiffel’s Office


Discover the man behind the intricate architecture of the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel. You’ll find wax figures of Eiffel, Claire (Eiffel’s daughter) and Thomas Edison, depicting a scenario in which Gustave and his daughter welcome the great inventor. One of the very important things that tourists can find in the office is the gramophone, a record player that was given to Eiffel by Edison as a gift.


No description can compare with the real thing though. Now that you have an idea of what to expect, why not take the next step and take a trip to visit the actual tower. The experiences and photos you’ll gain will be something you can cherish as long as you live.




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