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Super x Starbucks winners

Bien Homillada


This is it. If I win, this is the reward for my 2014 planner efforts. And by effort I mean the 10 minutes a day I allotted in every evening of 2014 not just to write all the day’s highlight and TTDs (things to do) for the next day, but also cutting and pasting things just like a scrapbook. I’m gonna keep and cherish it like a book for the rest of my life.


Here is the photo of my 2014 Starbucks planner and the different roles it played in my life:


It’s a diary. Most of the time it’s a diary, partly a planner. I really liked the overall design,  especially the big spaces in between where I can print, cut and paste online wallpaper photos on it.


It’s an instant scrapbook! I believe it’s not only me that I know who makes a planner like an instant scrapbook and willing to carry it a little heavy since it will be filled with cards, stickers and whatnot. I design and paste Instax-inspired photo printouts and even included LRT cards from an adventure in Manila!


It’s a motivation book. Effectively, 2014 ended very well—I met a lot of good people, unleashed my passion for photography and lettering, and started my journey as a part-time entrepreneur.


Eris Ramos


Hi, I’m Eris and I have anxiety. I work full time, and I am also currently writing my thesis for my master’s degree. Needless to say, I’m a busy person. Add the anxiety, oftentimes, everything seems to happen all at once and I tend to panic. The Starbucks planner has continually helped me deal with these situations by being my breathing space. Every new spread is an opportunity for me to take a step back, breathe and relax.


Designing my planner has also become an important aspect of my life since the process itself is therapeutic. In my journal, I keep not only my plans but also my sleep tracker, my habits tracker and my book tracker. I also add inspirational quotes that motivate me and remind me that things will be okay.


During this crazy year, only one thing has become a constant: this planner. It’s a necessity that keeps me calm. When I have my planner with me, the world becomes less scary. It helps me #LiveSUPER by allowing me to live normally. 2016 has been hell of a year. I wouldn’t have survived this year without it.


Online winners


Pia Alcantara and  KC Javier