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Miss Universe 2017 candidates show off their swimsuit attire in Jpark hotel,  Cebu City INQUIRER PHOTO / JILSON SECKLER TIU

Super’s Miss Universe Top 15, so far

We’ve been everywhere for the Miss Universe candidates—from Metro Cebu  (for which we had to be wide awake for nearly 24 hours, including during the most turbulent takeoff of my life) to Nasugbu, Batangas (where we waited for over four hours and, as a colleague said, “nakilala na ang bawat butil ng buhangin”).


We’ve been in the belly of the storm, so to speak. We’ve seen the candidates close up, in swimsuits, cocktail dresses and gowns. We’ve sacrificed for them; more on my part because in times like this I dedicate at least two hours of my day reading related blogs and forums.


The candidates could easily be my friends, given I’ve exerted more effort and attention in them than I would my friends. However, I have to play God now and choose a Top 15.


Argentina: We didn’t expect to feel so strongly for her.


Brazil: That hair.


Colombia: Destined for it.


Curaçao: The country must have mastered the Miss  U appeal.


Dominican Republic: Sob story.


Indonesia: That tan paid off.


Kosovo: Silent killer.


Malaysia: About time.


Nicaragua: A beauty so refreshing.


Philippines: Shoo-in.


Puerto Rico: Born to do pasarela.


Sierra Leone:  A dark horse.


Thailand: The 17 pieces of luggage symbolized her preparedness.


Venezuela: Because Venezuela.


Vietnam: Fresh, at saka natapilok siya. —Vaughn Alviar