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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Valentine’s Day divides the world into “the haves,” or those with a significant other, and the “have-nots,” the ones with zero love life.

There will be love letters and Instagram dedications for the haves; Thought Catalog articles and an onslaught of hugot lines for the have-nots.

But while loving someone doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, and that people can be fine on their own, February 14 has a way of making even the most content of singletons feel lonely.

But here’s to coping, rather than moping. You might not be giving or receiving flowers, but there are other things you can be happy about. So, quit the drama—this checklist just might take the sad out of Single Awareness Day.

1) Book a table for one (or many).

There’s more to comfort food than a pint of ice cream, especially when you can have a lunch or dinner date. With whom? Yourself! The best part is that no one’s going to care about the stuff in your teeth. If you want to explore that new food park, you can even bring some friends to enjoy the feast and split the bill. Now this is how to eat your heart out.

2) Sign up for karaoke therapy.

Nothing captures emotion like a song, so why not indulge in Magic Sing, which is more satisfying than passive-aggressively retweeting Lang Leav. Give your heart a voice: Sam Smith for the somber; Beyoncé for girl power; HSM for some good-natured kilig, to name a few. The bittersweet feelings might still be there while you’re singing, but at least you can release them from your heart’s echo chambers into your friends’ eardrums.

3) Work (your issues) out.

Sweating profusely, breathing heavily, and you’re on the floor… doing push-ups. Let’s not forget that exercise can be effective as a solo performance, and pretty innovative, too. No Vespa ride by sunset? Grab your own wheels with Ride Revolution. No stomach butterflies today? Grow your own wings with Anti-Gravity Yoga. Without anyone to impress at the gym, your focus will be on the game.

4) Go camping… on your couch.

Find someone who makes you laugh, they say. Go to YouTube and trip on funny guys like Jimmy Fallon. But if you’re craving #feels, there’s a K-drama for practically everyone. All you need is a stable internet connection or a television set.

5) Proceed as normal.

Here’s the catch: In your world, the aforementioned activities can be done on any occasion. Maybe you’ll be doing them alone this year, or with friends, or with a significant other in due time. But at its core, February 14 is just another day on your calendar. So, go out there, enjoy life as you normally would, and do better things than writing an article about it. —CONTRIBUTED

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